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Bra package, bow

Bra package, bow
  • Bra package, bow
Product code: 17820100001
Unit price: 47 CNY  (6.84 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 10KG
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Item specifics

Brand: Qiao'feng
Model: BB-002

Description: Portable Bra Bag

Size: 12.6 * 6.7 * 3.5 (32 * 17 * 9cm)

Material: Nylon cloth and lace

Lining: EVA

Color: Bow knot

Bra bag is with hard shell, withstanding squeeze

Take me and happy mood to travel

Do you still feel distressed for how to put bra? After travelling, it is crushed or rims deformation. Working life of the expensive bra is greatly reduced, which is not good. This professional bra storage box, be made by EVA material, which is designed per bra shape. Hard shell, withstanding squeeze, large size volume, which could include A cup to D cup bra. It is the best choice for travel, home use etc.

Bow knot:

Simple & graceful, natural youth symbol, sweety & fresh feeling. Bud silk and bowknot show natural aesthetic feeling. Small black dots on the pure color fabric make it transit naturally and link up perfectly. Which is the true essence of beauty.

The bra bag takes EVA rubber, which is the new environmental foam material, and it is with bufferring, quake-proof, heat insulation, moistureproof, and chemical resistance effect, etc.

The bra bag could absorb 4 pcs of bra, which should be per bra size.

You will never worry about bra squeeze deformation when you have one bar bag.

Name: Portable Bra package

Size: 32 * 17 * 9CM

Material: nylon, lace

Lining: Environmental EVA

Color: dot bow

BRA BAG hard shell, afraid to squeeze!

I took my happy mood to travel it!

You still do not know how to place beloved bra distress? A business trip, was crushed to unitary, unitary steel ring to deform, a few hundred dollars of high-priced bras, because improper use can greatly reduce the life not worth the Professional bra admission package, use of environmentally friendly EVA, designed according to the shape of the bra, the shell hard, afraid of extrusion, baby design, dust and moisture. oversized design, can accommodate A cup to a D cup bra, whether it is travel, home, all It is a good choice.

Lady bow: simple and elegant, sweet fresh natural symbol of youthful designer, lace and bows than the column control and Hu should have the effect of natural beauty ripe black dots printed on a solid color fabrics on more of its natural transition perfect convergence, just the right. all simple essence of beauty.

This product EVA rubber products, is a new environmentally friendly plastic foam material, has a good buffer, seismic, thermal insulation moisture, resistance to chemical corrosion and other advantages.

Bags can be accommodated four bra, depending on the bra size.

With this bag, you never have to worry about being squeezed and deformed bra