Japan exports high quality rack mounted drying pillows | Pink

Japan exports high quality rack mounted drying pillows | Pink

Product description:

Condition: Brand new

Size: 109cm X 23cm X 0.2cm

Weight: 0.19 Kg

Material: LDPE + PP

Colour: Pink

SKU: 901959-A07-17-09

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Hooks can be adjusted hooking position to seize the sun was strong
Not only can drying large pillows can also be placed hanging out cloth dolls and other bulky, can not hook items.

Product Unit:
Product Material: HDPE + PP
Product packaging: OPP bags
Color: green blue pink

Product Size (cm): 23 * 109 * 0.2

Packing: 72 sets /

Carton Size (cm): 51 * 39 * 46

Pillow drying racks; drying your pillow; fully absorb moisture and sunshine to get rid of insects!!

Let your pillow filled with the warmth of the sun's atmosphere!

Fragrance pillows make it easier to fall asleep, sleep more fun too!

Please refer to the specific use captions

Condition: New

Size: 109 cm X 23 X 0.2 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.19 kg

Material: LDPE + PP

Color: Pink

SKU: 901959-A07-17-09

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