Top benefits of tea / coffee, fresh taste / tieguanyin

Top benefits of tea / coffee, fresh taste / tieguanyin

Product description:

Top benefits of tea known as 'never Mannan taste, first heard of St. myohyang', is the use of Anxi tea traditional way. Tinted bright, fine smell a hint of orchid fragrance, sip a fine in the mouth, so that tea encase the entire tooth top-commerce to adhere to the eco pure natural tea quality tea, carries a true and sincere heart, to the Friends of tea, a common heritage of the Chinese tea culture and then slowly swallow, the Goddess of Mercy rhyme prominent, relatively resistant to brew!.

To give you a better understanding of the top-commerce produced Tieguanyin characteristics, the following are the advantages of this top four benefits of tea Oh!

(1) contains more than 100 kinds of aroma aroma thicker, more than Fen Tieguanyin; its concentration of aroma thicker Crawford, another chestnut in natural floral aroma, flavor and sweet rhyme.

(2) flavor thicker. As traditional tea Zuoqing process 'fermentation' is greater, making Tieguanyin unique flavor better presented.

(3) The taste is greater. Duly heat baked, one isomeric substances into effect so that catechin, taste mellow, warm not to hurt the stomach.

(4) easy to preserve. Fen Tieguanyin should be placed on the refrigerator fresh, orchid flavor after baking can be placed on longer without stored in the refrigerator, non-perishable