Opening large one pair of Lucky brave ornaments opening gifts feng shui home office furnishings Picchu

Opening large one pair of Lucky brave ornaments opening gifts feng shui home office furnishings Picchu

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Lixiang edge
  • Appearance: Animals
  • Color Classification: Large color agate brave Lucky Hannaford Cai Shou large onyx onyx Lucky brave queen + Cai (one pair) color large jade brave Lucky Hannaford Cai Shou color jade brave Queen Queen Lucky jade color + Cai (one pair) color agate trumpet trumpet brave Lucky Hannaford Cai Shou brave trumpet onyx onyx + Lucky Cai (one pair) color jade trumpet trumpet brave Lucky Hannaford Cai Shou color jade color jade Lucky brave trumpet + Cai (one pair) Lucky Hannaford (male) value Cai Hannaford (female) value oversized Lucky Hannaford (onyx) - public oversized Cai Shou (onyx) - mother Topaz (Lucky brave) atmospheric ruby ​​color (Lucky brave) atmospheric oversized Lucky Hannaford (jade color) - public oversized Cai Shou (jade color) - mother
  • Material: Resin
  • Product Number: lxy336
  • Application of space: Living
  • Style: Ming and Qing classical
  • Function: Lucky
  • Decoration Type: Desktop Decoration

Master the opening dance, the mascot to your home, the master will explain the professional support and display method, as soon as possible to help edge the main Jiacaiwanguan

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First heavy protection:

Mascot after you feel is not suitable, transportation problems, you can start Unpacking no problem re-sign Have any questions or are not satisfied with our full refund

The second tier protection:

Your requisitions 30 days , Under full faith, if not bring you wealth,

We will unconditionally refund

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'Ancient books, said a ferocious auspicious. Brave is a wealth of food, satisfied that the food Quartet fortune. Chinese tradition is' brave' customs, and Dragon and Lion Dance, have a place in this evil away

Product description:
name: Lucky Hannaford brave
Materials: Jade green resin powder synthesis +
size: Trumpet: 23cm * 12cm * high 20cm wide
L: 33cm * 18cm * high 30cm wide
Oversized: 58cm * 28cm * high 49cm wide

weight: Trumpet - NW approximately : About 1.5 kg / month
Queen - weight about: about 5 pounds / month
Super Number - NW approximately : About 18-20 kg / month

package: Environmental word blessing hand box (as there are impressions)

(brave troops)

Brave is the ancient Chinese myths and legends of one animal, one of the ancient five auspicious (dragon, phoenix, tortoise, unicorn and dance), a leader, horse, Lin feet, shaped like a lion, color gray Baihui Fei. Be brave Lucky Treasure, not only into is called Lucky animal. brave worked two kinds of ancient clan totem. Emperors Yan and Huang legends help combat meritorious, was Conferring as 'Tianlu beast' that is heaven-sent Fluke meaning it designed for the imperial guard treasure, but also a symbol of the royal family, known as 'Depo' because of the brave designed food the beast evil spirits, so called 'evil' is brave turn calamity for the auspicious Jerry beast of Chinese Feng Shui scholars believe that ancient. brave the fierce and majestic, it is responsible for inspections in the sky, preventing demons, plague disease disrupt heaven. there is a saying that it is one of the nine sons of the dragon ancient times, people often also used as a dance called the army. dance gold silver jewelry staple food, its big mouth, big belly, no anal, not only into, can swallow everything and never diarrhea, a symbol of football Octagon fiscal, while the town house from evil spirits, designed mainly acquisitive people in power. recognize the ancient Yin of life is doomed, but fortune can change, so people have 'touched brave fortune exuberant, touching their brave rolling in wealth, three touch brave meteoric rise' good wishes. after opening brave life only recognize a master, brave only hobby, is it really like to discuss money back to bite the owner of favor. If you are in order to the fiscal side dominated industries, such as commission income, the bonus system, rather than a fixed salary, then worship dance would be nice trick Choi magic. it will take you where the money is, and help you put the money back to bite. brave lazy habits, likes to sleep, every day the best touch, as if to wake it, so wealth will naturally follow come. Remember not to touch the touch when brave brave mouth and nose. touch brave brave to touch bottom hand do like crawling, grasping Ends put in his pocket. symbolizes money into the bag