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Medallion Pixiu ornaments Piciu opened a large craft gift household Feng Shui office furnishings

Medallion Pixiu ornaments Piciu opened a large craft gift household Feng Shui office furnishings
Product code: 17792400030
Unit price 14.05-84.3$
Sold quantity 14126
Available stock 40456

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Andrew edge
  • Appearance: animals
  • Color classification: Queen agate color enrollment fiscal-public Queen agate color Mong Kok fiscal-mother Queen agate color (pair) Queen jade color enrollment fiscal Fortune Queen jade color Mong Kok fiscal Shou Queen jade color (pair) small brave Queen-ebony paragraph (enrollment fiscal) public Queen-ebony paragraph (attracting) mother Super Queen-ebony paragraph (enrollment fiscal) Gong Chao Queen-ebony paragraph (attracting) mother trumpet agate color (enrollment fiscal) trumpet agate color (attracting) trumpet agate color (pair) trumpet Jade (pair) enrollment fiscal Fortune (public) wangcaina Fu (mother) super Queen enrollment fiscal (agate color ) Oversized prosperous wealth (Onyx) Topaz-color-red jade Pixiu-Pixiu-wood grain color Pixiu oversized plutus (Jade) oversized Mong Kok Choi (Jade)
  • Material: resin
  • Item no: lxy336
  • Available space: living room
  • Styles: Ming and Qing dynasty classical
  • Function: lucky
  • Decoration types: desktop ornaments

Master Medallion Pixiu, the mascot to your home, the master will explain the professional placement and support methods, an early edge master rich

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All we are opening the brave edge of requisitions, Dual protection! '

The first protection:

Mascots to you not a good fit, there are problems, you can Inspection no problem out of the box and then signed for . Have questions or any dissatisfaction with our full refund

The second protection:

Your purchase After 30 days , Under conditions of full faith, if not bring money to you,

We will unconditionally refund

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Product features:

' Ancient books say that a ferocious animal. Why brave is a fiscal food, Nano-fresh windfall of the Quartet. Traditional Chinese is ' brave ' custom, Dragon and lion dance, where the evil away

Product introduction:
Name: Lucky Fortune brave
Material: + Jade green resin synthesis
Size: Trumpet: 23cm * w 12cm * h 20cm
Size: 33cm * w 18cm * h 30cm
Extra large: 58cm * w 28cm * h 49cm

Weight: S-net About : About 1.5 kg/PC
Size-approximately: 5 kg/a
Ultra-weight About : Approximately 18-20 pounds/month

Package: Environmental blessing mobile box (as shown)

"The brave"

Brave is a beast in the myths and legends of ancient China, why the ancient one of five animals (Dragon, Phoenix, tortoise, Kirin and the brave), Dragon, horse, Lin foot, shaped like a lion, coat color gray can fly. Brave Fortune treasure, not only into a parable that is called God of beasts. Brave ancient parable that has two clan's Totem. Legends help emperors combat meritorious and were given in order to ' tianlu beast ' that God-given blessing 祿 meaning. Why Imperial Guard treasures and Royal symbol, parable that says ' treasure '. Caused by eating the brave beast evil spirits, it is also known as ' evil spirits ' ancient Chinese Feng Shui scholars who recognize the brave is the beast of turning evil why Andrew Jiri. Pixiu savagery, it is responsible for patrol work in the sky to stop demons, epidemic diseases disrupted heaven. There is a saying that it is one of the nine sons of the Dragon. In ancient times, people often use the brave in order to the army. Why brave of gold and silver jewelry staple, its mouth, abdominal, no anus, not only into, can swallow everything and never crash, grasp the Octagon symbol of wealth, as well as protect evil, in order to master enrichment in power. Gu Xian confess why life is predestined, but distance can change, so people have ' touched strong brave voyage, touch the brave money rolling in, three touches the brave fast track ' good wishes. Brave life after opening only one master, brave only Vice is that it likes to bite the back of master. Why if you were to finance the main industry, as income is the commissions system, the bonus system, rather than a fixed salary, then worship the brave will be good lucky talisman. It will take you to where there is money, and help you to get the money to bite back. Pixiu habits of idle, sleep, every day the best have a feel, as if to wake it, so that the money will follow. Felt brave when you don't touch the Pixiu's mouth and nose. Feeling brave to touch the brave butt, grasping hands, caught up in his pocket. Money bags