Camellia high quality multi-purpose lid rack

Camellia high quality multi-purpose lid rack

Product description:

Condition: Brand new

Size: 14.5cm X 12.6cm X 14.3cm

Weight: 0.115 Kg

Material: PP

Colour: as picture

SKU: HQS-Y27633

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Condition: New

Dimensions: 14.5 cm X 12.6 X 14.3厘米厘米

Weight: 0.115 kg

Material : PP

Color : As pictures

SKU: HQS-Y27633

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Material : PP

Product Specifications : 145 * 126 * 143mm

Features :

1; high-quality raw materials to manufacture PP; no odor and free of impurities; pure raw materials; health and safety ;

2; the lid is placed in one fell swoop solve problems; make cooking becomes easy and convenient; beautiful and clean; health and safety ;

3; small skillet; pan also can be placed ;

4; The following has connected sump; hot pot of cold water drip condensation streaming down does not leak; total inflows received within the sump; as long as regular washing can be poured ;