European creative basket | multi-function folding fruit basket | folding drain basket | Sky Blue

European creative basket | multi-function folding fruit basket | folding drain basket | Sky Blue

Product description:

Style Combined Type Folding DIY Plastic Fruit Basket


Plastic fruit tray

Features unique design

Suits for holding fruits; snacks; sugar; etc

Can be folded when not using to save space

It's convenient and practical when you driving to picnic

Environmental protection; non-toxic; odor-free; easy to clean

Perfect for home, restaurant and hotel use

Fashionable design, durable to use

Size: 27cm X 22cm X14 cm

Weight: 0.33Kg

Material: ABS

Colour: blue

SKU: 901959-A08-18-07

Notice:. Color of pictures may vary by different monitor setting All pictures are real stock photos.

Package Included:

1 x Fruit Basket

European-style multi-function folding basket vegetables basket storage box

Material: environmental plastic

Weight: 350 g, PE bags

Color: pink; light green; light blue

Expand Size: 42cm long x Width 32cm folded size: long 27cm x wide 22cm x high 14cm

When you need fruit basket or basket to vegetables, it immediately turned for you, allowing you time to clean, easy to drain for removing moisture, do not need to pour additional to other disk dish, it is ready to join the ingredients; and You do not need it when it can hang on a wall or flat expanded income in the drawer does not occupy your space. Bring it in your car to go out to a picnic when it is convenient and practical. environmentally friendly, non-toxic odor-free, easy to expand easy to clean is definitely a highly practical kitchen yield.

Friendly reminder: This product is sturdy and durable materials and thicker than the effort it will fold when the initial use, it will naturally folded more times after the best not to fold towards the opposite direction. Another reminder perfectionist individual products of this product will face subtle prints, but it does not affect the appearance and use. photo color may have slightly differ from the actual color.

SKU: 901959-A08-18-07