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Car oxygen bar | Blu-Ray Oxygen Bar | Ionizers | blue, silver, red | random colors

Car oxygen bar | Blu-Ray Oxygen Bar | Ionizers | blue, silver, red | random colors
  • Car oxygen bar | Blu-Ray Oxygen Bar | Ionizers | blue, silver, red | random colors
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Other info: 2KG
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100% brand new and high quality

Small and exquisite design, It is an excellent product for gift

This product produces the ozone and anion can rapidly eliminate the car inside soot; peculiar smell; and have force sterilization; the purification air; make your car as like bathes in the forest

The anion is called in the air of Vitamin ', is beneficial to the human's health

Has the best medicine function; and can effectively reduces the cough; sneezes; asthma's incidence of a disease

Plug and play


Working voltage: 12v

Ozone density: 3mg / h

Anion density:) = 60 million / CM3

Operating current: (60MA

2.5cm X 2.5cm X 8.5cm

Quantity: 1pcs

Color: Blue; silver; red (the item will be sent randomly)

Package Included:

1 x Car's Oxygen Bar

(Name) Car Oxygen Bar / car oxygen bar / air purifier negative ion oxygen bar

Condition: New

Size: 2.5 cm X 2.5 X 8.5 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.05 kg

Material: Plastic + Electronic Components

Color: blue; silver; red color random

SKU: 901959-A17-14-10

Note: Due to different monitor settings may result in color, but all the pictures are from in-kind shooting, please rest assured purchase.

(Color) blue; silver; red

The new Zhuoka Car Oxygen Bar; to do export-oriented; quality assurance; instantaneous release of millions of ozone and negative ions; the rapid elimination of the car inside soot; odor and strong sterilization; air purification

Negative ions are vitamin in the air, you can keep the skin smooth Hu suction and prevent disease.

Ozone can rapidly kill bacteria and viruses, but also smoke produced by decomposition of nicotine, to prevent harm to others second-hand smoke, ozone can eliminate some of the radiation on the human body injury.
Ozone is a highly effective disinfectant against bacteria, germs, fungi, mold spores, viruses and other microorganisms have a strong killing power. Since the diffuse gas ozone, disinfection no dead ends, so the disinfection and sterilization effect is good.

This paragraph with red blue and green flashes, accompanied by a slight sound.

Use: for all 12V car power, the goods directly into the car cigarette lighter hole start working, this product is plug and play, no additional individual settings switch according to individual needs time to work and given instant release. millions of ozone and negative ions, the rapid elimination of smoke inside the car, smell and strong sterilization, air purification, to make the car as like bathing in the forest and fresh. lightweight shape, mini size, easy to use and design are first-class workmanship , is absolutely super car equipment.

Sitting in the car for too long, the car air circulation, not fresh, it will make people physical discomfort, decreased immunity, the disease will swoop The top will be a small light indicates working status when power, and for the car create a charming atmosphere. lightweight shape, smaller mini-size, easier to use. adopts negative ion technology, produce reactive oxygen molecules, ozone and efficient air conditioning can be effective in preventing disease, creating a pure, fresh interior environment

Negative ions are vitamin in the air;; Hu suction can keep the skin smooth; prevent disease

Features: 1. Eliminate lead taste, smoke strong bactericidal, clean air.!

2. purify the blood, strengthen Hu suction function!

3. Promote metabolism, endocrine regulation, ease the tension!

4. Elimination of the positive charge on the human body (such as the trachea, bronchi) is exciting!

Medicare has excellent features, which can effectively reduce the coughing, sneezing, asthma morbidity.

This was genuine; significant effect; personally certified by several aspects of their own:

1. Smoking friends can puff in the car for some time, let the oxygen bar in a working state, closed the rear door window and see the effect! Such as smoke quickly disappeared, indicating genuine, general smoking riders car have smoke, the use of the oxygen bar, so that non-smoking friends and then right into every car, so friends be fair!

2. volatile with liquor in the car, and then closed the rear door window, allowing oxygen bar work, take a look at the car with or without alcohol!

3. car repair car has a heavy oil smell, lingering, let oxygen bar to work, a long time point, as soon as possible to remove the smell!

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Technical Specifications:

Operating voltage: + 12V
Ozone concentration: 3mg / h
Anion concentration: ≥60 million / cc
Operating Current: (60ma