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Branch hooks | Random colors

Branch hooks | Random colors
  • Branch hooks | Random colors
Product code: 17742900001
Unit price: 13 CNY  (1.89 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 15KG
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Suddenly, the wardrobe clothes more and more space is getting smaller and smaller. Gloves, scarves, underwear, neckties...... Innumerable small debris would put the wardrobe burst!

Do not worry, candy tree sundries can immediately solve your problems An angle of 45 degrees upward hook, no matter big or small can be easily fixed on.;

5 section type 360 ​​degree rotatable design, so you can make full use of every small hooks, and according to your needs to adjust the distance between the hook.

What are you waiting for? Effect efficiency immediately visible. You can also be extended indefinitely.

Condition: Brand new

Size: 9cm X 9cm X 50cm

Weight: 0.15 Kg

Material: Plastic

Colour: as picture, Random color

SKU: 901959-A08-17-03

Notice:. Color of pictures may varies by different monitor setting All pictures are real stock photos.

Suddenly we found that more and more closet space for clothing getting smaller and smaller. Gloves, scarves, underwear, tie .. countless small debris should immediately wardrobe explode it!

Do not worry, hang candy tree debris can solve your problems immediately 45 degree angle bend hook, regardless of large or small pieces can be easily caught by the firm.;

5-stage 360-degree swivel design, so you can take advantage of every little hook, and according to your need to adjust the distance between the hooks.

You still hesitant Shiyao it? Efficiency visible effect immediately. You may also be extended indefinitely Oh.

Condition: New

Size: 9 cm X 9 X 50 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.15 kg

Material: Plastic

Color: such as pictures, color random

SKU: 901959-A08-17-03

Note: Due to different monitor settings may result in color, but all the pictures are from in-kind shooting, please rest assured purchase.