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Within factory direct 420ML Stainless steel automobile cup | gifts Cup | can be printed logo | advertising promotions Cup

Within factory direct 420ML Stainless steel automobile cup | gifts Cup | can be printed logo | advertising promotions Cup
  • Within factory direct 420ML Stainless steel automobile cup | gifts Cup | can be printed logo | advertising promotions Cup
Product code: 1773600001
Unit price: 12.5-12.8 CNY
Reference price: 1.82-1.86 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Product Category Mug Brand Yuanye Num. abn-105-2015-1
Material plastic For people Lovers style Starbucks
Occasions for gifts Trade Place of origin Yongkang Time to market 2015
shape Round Features Insulation structure Single
Price segment 10-20 yuan Is there a patent Have Patent type Design patents
Patent No ZL201330602924.5 Suitable coffee package Folding
Packing single Printed LOGO can Trading properties Domestic
pattern Solid weight 245g capacity 401-500ml
Custom support It is grade qualified Dimensions (height, diameter) Cup 8cm
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product description
    • product information
      • Cup pot Num. : Abn-105
      • Cup pot capacity : 420ml
      • Cup pot Material : The steel outer plastic
      • Cup height : About 17.5cm
      • Cup diameter : 8cm
    • Tip: capacity, height, weight is about quantity, but the difference is not too much and too little.
    • Other Information
      • MOQ : 500
      • Cup packing : Universal Folding
      • Cup pot Weight : About 245g
      • Package Size : 8.8 * 8.8 * 18.8cm
      • Carton size : 46 * 46 * 40cm
      • Carton Weight : 50
    • Processing Statement
    • You can print LOGO: 500 or less subject to the system board printing costs 400 yuan, 500 more than a cardboard printing costs Free
    • Producing goods time: normal 500 7 days, 3000 for ten days to see a single row, please contact customer service consulting, the contract shall prevail.
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Cup-kind photo
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  • Far Yongkang Industry Co., is located in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, well-known at home and abroad here yes 'Hardware Capital' and tourist destination, there are Huangdi Cast Tripods legend, there are spring and swords, Chinese-made dull machine Tang bronze gun, Song mining copper, made clear barrel traditional skills, known as 'metal craftsmen to go four, the county government prefectures leave Kang Kang is not a good place from' say it.

    Our products cover mug, plastic cups and other cup pot products, focusing on development and production of glass pots. Companies located in high-end market, with a keen grasp of market trends, the Smart aristocratic elegance and perfect the art of kneading and to design and develop a variety of high-quality new products: high-end atmospheric mug, stylish new plastic cups and so on ..

    Our selection of products both with expected science and technology indicators, or from the innovative design to unique technology, will strive to be meticulous, excellence so that each product can create a classic, the interpretation of a responsibility for their own customers. Company with superb technical personnel, professional sales team and perfect service system. We pursue innovation, advocating enterprising, enthusiastic for your quality of life and make unremitting efforts.

    The company has a mug, plastic cups production line, Nissan mug about five thousand, ten thousand Cup cars, plastic cups and twenty, the products are exported to Europe, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, more than 50 countries and regions, we can providing customers from product development and design, production, delivery of train service system.

    Far Yongkang Industry Co., cup pot of professional production-oriented enterprises;

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    Integrity, environmental protection, fashion, health is our theme, and constantly strive for excellence, to good quality services in the community is our aim. The company will continue to develop more new products, please pay attention to us. At the same time welcome new and old customers and we contact, consultation and negotiations.

Typically, before the next one we will, and you determine packaging solutions, which will be marked in a custom among contract

Far Yongkang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is the industrial and commercial registration of cup pot manufacturer, we have the strength, the ability to help customers on the quality problem of the good relations

Many of our products are designed and has a lot of patent certificates, declined to imitate other factories, our products are complex, once discovered, the law held responsible person
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    We are one of the manufacturers cup production and sales, please customers do not ask that we are not the factory, we provide products to the quality of the premise, the price may be some customers say the high point, but our quality control system here, or down, we will certainly drop, so that customers get the most affordable price sources! inferior race, but we will not rush good, material-what is Shiyao, if that way to reduce the price, so we will not do alone, So please understand our rules.

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    2: Customer satisfaction after seeing the sample, please contact our customer service staff, signed a contract to play 30% advance payment, we produce.

    3: We produce the contractual period is completed, we notify the customer to inspection, customers can own to plant acceptance, third parties can also be arranged to plant acceptance, if not easy, we can help customers to beat a large cargo photos Customer acknowledges that customer confirmed after completion of the payment kick hundred parts of the seventy, we deliver

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    We offer products on the website, are the physical map, but because of a problem to take pictures of the camera and display, the color may be different, if the customer orders, we proposed to provide color card number to us, we will be in accordance with customer color card printing For some spot wholesale customers, we recommend acquire a sample, making the bulk goods, so as not to reach the color you asked

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    Our general production according to customer requirements, provide prenatal sample, sample contracts are by production, so do not worry about shoddy problem, the business is long-term, we do not want our customers satisfied, as long as there are quality problems, please contact We communicate, we deal with the customer satisfaction!

  • 6, on delivery

    Samples sent ships to go SF to pay the freight

    Large customers we can take Germany to help, Monkey, Ren, also can help customers find the point of logistics, there are some customers may want to find the cheaper manufacturers logistics better, this general we are sent directly to the logistics park, so you can find cheaper we will certainly help customers save, but we do not recommend walking small stream, the first one is temporal, the second is security, we recommend to go Germany to help logistics, although the price is high, but the installation of the service general logistics company than not, please ask your customers under a single request, be distributed better when we shipped!