US HOT | Black | New skid touch gloves | point plastic gloves | Large 50g

US HOT | Black | New skid touch gloves | point plastic gloves | Large 50g

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With the iPhone, Android, and several other modern handheld devices, the screen display is of capacitive touch technology for improved responsiveness. These screens are great but usually don't come with styli as their interfaces are purely designed for touch navigation. On cold days, we know how uncomfortable it is using the glass screen of these phones having to reach into your pocket, take your current gloves off and try and answer only to miss the call, so what better way to operate your device than with these capacitive touch gloves on a cold day?

Using sensor technology, you can keep your digits warm while you tap, touch, and text away on your iPhone or Android. The gloves, available in black, provide accurate navigation from app to app, and feature more than 200 polyurethane bumps to help you keep a grip on your phone. The newest version offers doubled thickness for extra warmth without being cumbersome, and one-size-fits-all sizing will keep everyone's hands warm and toasty this season.


Condition: Brand New

Material: 85%acrylic; 5%conductive fibre; 5%rubber; 5%spandex

Product Size: 23*13cm

Weight: 50g

Color: Black

SKU: IG007

Package Included:

1 x pair gloves