Round flat roll forming machine to Xinsheng Heavy steel rolling machines Park

Round flat roll forming machine to Xinsheng Heavy steel rolling machines Park

Product description:

One commonly used machine steel slitting machine in modern metal coil slitting, unwinding, rewinding work, Xinsheng Heavy-speed steel slitting machines are ahead of other machinery industry, the majority of customers favorite My company's high-speed automatic continuous Cold-rolled flat steel machine Production line is currently the most red of the project, can feed themselves, and straightening tone, cut close..... The bright rolled flat steel with a mirror doing a PK!

There is a phenomenon that is often the edge of the strip when it is stretched easily deformed, this phenomenon tends to make machining accuracy is very different and also have some impact on the efficiency of the operation of engineering steel slitting machine, causing it phenomenon are many reasons, of which both sides the chance to produce the phenomenon of edge waves is relatively large, relatively small chance of unilateral output, here we come to analyze the causes of this phenomenon are several common reasons.

The first is the tool side edge wave generated by sintering iron: iron sintering under the tool side, there are overlapping surfaces abrasion tool to generate galling situation, will have a small edge wave countermeasures as follows: knife gap increase, reduce side pressure; Second wave winding machine front side deflection rollers produced by wear: Wear a deflection roller or tension roller once is too large, wide edging material when winding operation, both sides of the tension is too large will produce side waves.

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