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HTC One x Waterproof Case | Mobile swimsuit

HTC One x Waterproof Case | Mobile swimsuit
  • HTC One x Waterproof Case | Mobile swimsuit
Product code: 17694700001
Unit price: 24 CNY  (3.49 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 2KG
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-PERFECT Protection from water !!!

-Possible To use all functions of your cell phone in this skin

-Enjoy Your cell phone in water

-100% Protection from harmful things

- Material: TPU

- Color: Transparent

There are many waterproof jacket, but there are a few truly waterproof it?

Part of the phone sets is said to be 'waterproof', but it is to your beloved cell phone wrapped tightly, do not operate normally use.

Well now, with our ' Phone waterproof swimsuit Your phone as put on a spinning, compact, lightweight Let your phone turned fashion range children.

Your phone can swim with you yeah, in Pool play 'Fruit Ninja'. Cool it!

To send a message in the water lover, always communicate your love! Of course, do not forget to take some pictures in the water Photo Oh!

Super waterproof function; let it help you to record the happy moment; let you food for thought!

Any of the following difficult environment, our waterproof jacket, as always, for your love machine escort.

- On the beach
- Swim
- Beauty salon
- sauna
- Rain / snow days
- picnic
- Hiking
- fishing
- boating
- Field pedal
- Water-related campaign

Why not act; for your love machine quickly prepare a few pieces of 'swimsuit' it; waterproof oh