Samsung i9250 Galaxy Nexus waterproof skin Waterproof Case

Samsung i9250 Galaxy Nexus waterproof skin Waterproof Case

Product description:

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Waterproof skin / Waterproof case

Indoors or outdoors, working or playing, waterproof skin is your best protection for your phone anywhere Working at a construction site Going to a tropical island for a vacation Do not worry Dirt, grime, grease, water, sweat and snow.??!; it protects your phone in any environment duogreen waterproof skin provides complete protection from the environment and allows full functionality of your phone:. make phone calls, browse the internet, play games, take pictures and record videos even underwater.


Waterproof; Dirt; Dust; Grease protective Skin for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Multi Purpose Protective Skin: Underwater Activity, Fishing, Ski, Snowboarding, Outdoor Activity.

Item Includes 2 Waterproof skins, 4 sealing tapes, and 4 Leakage Test Stickers.

waterproof skin is not intended for permanent water-resistance.

Samsung i9250 / galaxy nexus Waterproof Case