iphone 5 Waterproof Case | Apple 5 Waterproof Case

iphone 5 Waterproof Case | Apple 5 Waterproof Case

Product description:

Packaging random (blue, white two pack )

here's a case for your iPhone 5 that will protect it from the harsh conditions of your daily fun-filled life. Whether you're at a rainy football game, at the beach under the sun, out fishing or just laying out by the pool, iPhone 5 case will keep you talking . Keep your phone by your side when you're out having fun. Worry no more. Talk, take pictures, shoot video, stream live video, Facetime, play music. Capture the moments. Share the fun.

- 100% waterproof; dirt proof; dustproof; and oil proof
- Protects your iPhone 5 from water; dust; sand; snow and humidity
- Retains full touchscreen and call functionality while encased in the waterproof skin
- Waterproof skin is not intended for permanent water-resisitance
- Although properly installed protects your iPhone from water damage in most cases, we do not recommend submerging the encased iPhone in water

iPhone 5 Waterproof Case