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Optical Array MS001 Mouse Scanner | Office Handheld Scanner A3 Photo Scanning Portable HD High Speed

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: light array
  • Model: graphic mouse
  • Scanning element: CCD
  • Scanner Type: Document Scanner Business Card Scanner Portable Scanner
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • The largest format: A3
  • Interface type: USB2.0

product description

Optical Mouse Scanner - 'Graphic Mouse' is a patented product developed independently by Optical Array Inc. The mouse scanner, as the name implies, is a mouse with a scanning function.It cleverly combines the mouse and the scanner together, with stylish Mouse and portable scanner dual function, is the true sense of the smart office tool.
Optical Mouse Scanner - 'Graphic Mouse' set scanning, OCR recognition, visual editing functions in one .We simply click the scan button and slide the mouse to easily scan the required documents, directly into the computer after editing, save, Print and share, to bring convenience to the daily office experience, saving time and space.

Product Features

Optical Mouse Scanner - 'Graphic Mouse' the most unique scanning function, anytime, anywhere to achieve random scan.
1, the powerful OCR editor : Recognized 180 languages, text, tables, symbols can be identified, the recognition rate of up to 99%. And scanning documents can be identified into Word, Excel and other documents directly edit, convenient and practical.
2, real-time sharing: Scan content can be sent directly to e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other community sites and smart phones, sharing of resources to achieve synchronization.
3, free size scanning: Can scan different sizes, up to A3. Support different regions of the scan, that is, the need to scan some of the documents or the whole, convenient and quick.
4, the use of simple and convenient: Just click or drag and drop can be directly in the computer desktop automatically create images and documents for easy editing and storage.

Product Features

1, the operation is simple and convenient: Tap the scan button on the left side of the mouse, move the mouse to the document to be scanned to complete the scan entry.
2, the software features rich: Scanning can be edited in the software, such as color, saturation, brightness, contrast, zoom and other adjustments, as well as cutting, rotation and other operations, easy to use.

3, high-resolution scan: 400dpi scan resolution for the best scan quality.
4, a variety of storage formats: Save JPEG, PDF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, XLS, DOC and other formats.

5, supports a variety of operating systems: Support Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows Mac and so on.

6, USB interface: Safe and energy saving, low-carbon environmental protection.
7, easy to carry: The appearance of small and simple, portable

Product color

Optical Mouse using the advanced plating process, so that the mouse more new Aspect, more metal texture; ergonomic lines using the best-selling shape, to bring your hand comfortable experience, so comfortable and compact shape Now, in order to meet the different users of the different preferences, optical matrix Mouse also introduced a stylish color series, such as ivory, elegant purple, black business, Tuhao gold, which one of the The appearance of the earth more noble users of the noble.Today the world trend, will hold the earth Hao gold in hand.


Widely used in the financial industry, the education sector, government departments, telecommunications industry, IT industry, pharmaceutical industry, accounting industry, construction and real estate industry, transportation industry, advertising media industry, logistics industry, consulting industry, freelance industry analyst, Trainers, accountants, e-business people, journalists, lawyers, freelance writers, other general office workers and individual consumers.