Lite Array MS001 mouse scanner | Office handheld scanner photo scanner portable HD high speed A3

Lite Array MS001 mouse scanner | Office handheld scanner photo scanner portable HD high speed A3

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Light Array
  • Model: Graphic Mouse
  • Scanning element: CCD
  • Scanner Type: document scanner business card scanner portable scanner
  • Service: Genius
  • Most large format: A3
  • Interface Type: USB2.0

product description

Lite Array Mouse Scanner - 'Photo Rat' is a light arrays company developed innovative, patented products mouse scanner, suggests that it has a scan function that cleverly mouse and mouse scanner perfect together, with fashion. mouse and dual function portable scanner, smart office tool in the true sense.
Lite Array Mouse Scanner - 'graphic rat' set scanning, OCR recognition, visual editing features in one we just click the Scan button and slide the mouse you can easily scan the required documents, directly into the computer after editing, save, printing and sharing, bring convenient experience for daily office, saving time and space.

Product Features

Lite Array Mouse Scanner - 'Photo Rat' most unique scanning, random scanning anytime, anywhere.
1, a powerful OCR editor : Recognizes 180 kinds of language, text, tables, symbols, and can identify up to 99% recognition rate and scanned documents can be converted to recognize Word, Excel and other documents directly to editorial changes, convenient and practical.
2, real-time sharing: Scanning content can be sent directly to the e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other community sites and smartphones, sync shared resource.
3, a free scan size: You can scan in different sizes, up to A3. Support different area scan that part or the whole document scanning needs, fast and convenient.
4, easy to use: Just click or drag and drop images and documents can be created directly in the automatic computer desktop for easy editing and storage.

Product Features

1, simple convenience: Tap the left side of the Scan button mouse, move the mouse to the required scanned documents to complete the scan entry.
2, feature-rich software: After the scan can be edited in the software, such as hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, zoom and other regulation and cropping, rotating, etc., easy to use.

3, high-resolution scanning: 400dpi scanning resolution for optimal scanning quality.
4, a variety of storage formats: Save JPEG, PDF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, XLS, DOC and other formats.

5, support for multiple operating systems: Support Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows Mac like.

6, USB Interface: Safety and energy saving, low-carbon environment.
7, easy to carry: Small and simple appearance, portability

Product color

Lite Array graphic mouse uses advanced plating process, the entire mouse more new attractions, more metallic; the best-selling lines, ergonomic shape, give your hand to bring pleasant experience, so comfortable and compact shape You long for the joy of use. now, for the majority of users with different preferences, light arrays graphic mouse also launched a series of fashion color, such as ivory, elegant purple, black business, Tyrant gold, of which Tyrant gold appearance more noble users now world trend will hold Tyrant gold in hand.


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