Two-station Fully Automatic Centrifugal Casting Machine │J522

Two-station Fully Automatic Centrifugal Casting Machine │J522

Product description:

Machine Introduction

J522 Two-station Fully Automatic Centrifugal Casting Machine is specially used for casting cylinder liners. Combined high speed, stable and speed variable main machine together with advanced multi-sectional and multi-speed painting technology of auxiliary equipment, as well as just-in-time inspecting and monitoring for critical technological data of the whole casting procedure to ensure precise repeatability, high working efficiency and low rate of rejection.

Main Technical Parameter

Diameter of the casting φ60 - 120 mm

Length of the casting 1500 mm

Diameter of the mould raceway φ100 - 180 mm

Max. load (mould and casting) 2500 kg

Wheels size φ300*70 mm

Outside distance between the wheels 900 mm

Main voltage AC380V, 50HZ

Control voltage AC220V, 50HZ; DC24V

Main motor power 7.5 kw

Rotation speed 0~2000 r.p.m

Painting speed 0~500mm/ sec

Cleaning speed 0~300mm/ sec

Productivity ( 6 min. Per pc.

(The actual productivity will be depend on actual casting technology)

Machine max. Size 11100*7000*2050mm


High Speed Centrifugal Casting Machine

The machine is constructed with 4 support wheels, AC stepless variable speed invertered motor + high performance vectorial inverter to turn 4 wheels, which will surely guarantee the precise speed adjustment of the mould and quick stop mould rotation by re-generation brake system.

Precise repeatability of Auxiliary Equipment

Cleaning, painting and withdrawing devices are located in the same movable platform, which will carry out 3 operations by changing over its position, driven by a servo-motor to realise high speed and precise positioning of auxiliary equipment.

High Efficient Cleaning Device and Dust Collector

To make sure the painting quality, there is a cleaning brush to clean the inner wall surface of the mould in the full stroke to get rid of residual paint. Dust collector will be connected with the de-dusting system, which will treat the dust.

Outstanding Painting Quality

The painting procedure is controlled multi-sectionally, and can set up the painting distance and painting speed to suit the rotation speed of mould and painting pressure, in this case, can do different kinds of complicated painting procedure.

Just-in-time Monitor and Water Cooling

Infra-red device to check the temperature of outer wall surface of mould just in time. Water spray device will cool down the outer wall surface of mould to make sure the mould temperature will comply with the technological requirement.

Reliable Withdrawing Device

Paw-type withdrawing device will take out the cylinder liner from its mould quickly and stably.

Automatic Pouring and Accurate Molten Iron Weighing

The quality and weight of cylinder liner is guaranteed by fast and constant automatic pouring system. The weight of molten iron will be shown in the screen and can be printed out for record.

High Efficient, Safety, Stable and Flexible Electric System

PLC control, friendly interface monitoring system, fully automatic control for casting procedure and production monitoring. Flexible setting and memory of technical data both for main machine and auxiliary equipment to suit a variety of production of cylinder liners in a specified range.