LCD screen protector FOR IPHONE 4G

LCD screen protector FOR IPHONE 4G

Product description:

Anti-glare LCD Screen Protector for iPhone 4 / iPhone 4G


Brand new design LCD protector for iPhone 4G

Protect your valuable investment from scratch and damage

Advanced design. all slots accessible without removing the protector

It is very light and durable

iPhone 4G is not included

Package Included : 1X LCD Screen Protector for iPhone 4G

More scratch, thinner, sharpened screen specifically for outdoor use up to people comfortable, customized .
Effectively solved the problem using the sun. Unique high anti-wear primary color layer, high transparency and effective blocking, UV filter, to improve screen aesthetics
Visibility, so use sun handy .
Unique sapphire blue optical layer, blocking ultraviolet rays, while also relieve the optic nerve fatigue and improving visual comfort .
Along with anti-wear, scratch function .
Exclusive body optical film, Perfect Size
It can be washed repeatedly used

They include : 1X iPhone 4G LCD screen protective film