Yellow | Toilet pump | phone holder | phone cord

Yellow | Toilet pump | phone holder | phone cord

Product description:

Rubber Plunger Sucker Stand for Cell Phone iPhone iPod
Just add this stand to an iPhone or iPod
Enable you to hold or keep it upright on the desk
Leaving you free to enjoy a movie, photos or phone calls
Material: Rubber + Wood
Color: Mainly yellow as pictures show
Weight: 0.24kg
Size (Bottom Diameter x Height): 32 x 43 mm
Package Included:
1 X Sucker Stand

Creative people phone Shenglei mini toilet toilet pumping phone holder phone chain phone Strap draw shapes

Dimensions : 32 x 43 mm

Product Material : Rubber

Used in: cell-phone camera MP4, etc., can be a small hook

It can suck in the cabinet sliding door handle fooled; the head with a lanyard; but also when the phone Strap; try it !!!