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URK Smart Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine | Fingerprint Attendance Machine | Fingerprint Card Fingerprint Machine

URK Smart Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine | Fingerprint Attendance Machine | Fingerprint Card Fingerprint Machine
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Product parameters:

  • Attendance machine brand: URK
  • Model: M4-M
  • Attendance type: multi-functional one
  • Color Category: Black (655 yuan intelligent URK-M4M)
  • Access authentication: fingerprint
  • After-sales service: Genius

OUR is the flagship store direct factory outlets, the machine has been selling more than 12,000 units, massive praise, we are the real factory direct sales, the strength, 10Annual production history, factory warranty, seven days Baotui, 30Day replacement, three-year warranty.

URK M4-M fingerprint time and attendance machine to use:

1, personnel information registration

Fingerprint, name, work number, password, and can set the administrator to avoid illegal operation of other people. The machine can record 1000 fingerprints +1000 password +1000, the number of fingerprints can be entered, A name, store 200,000 attendance records.If you want to log in more people, enter the name with the button is not convenient, you can use the machine to provide the software to assist the name, detailed use, please contact our customer service.

2, attendance use:

Attendance machine with the installation of the wall with the backplane and set screws, fixed after the use of the power supply can be plugged in to start using the attendance, attendance staff have been registered fingerprints, the fingerprint machine will immediately prompt identification information , The successful identification will say: 'Thank you!' Screen also prompts the name, job number, attendance is completed, otherwise it will prompt that 'please press your finger!' Re-press the phone can be correct.

3, statistical attendance report:

For day shift, on the afternoon classes of units, using the fingerprint machine itself will be the most simple and convenient statistical functions, the method is to use an ordinary U disk (capacity is no limit from 128K to 32G can) from the fingerprint machine to operate the button Output multiple reports:

These tables can use EXCEL, WORD secondary editing, the data in the table can continue to be used for salary calculation.

All the names, numbers and statistical results in the table are completed independently by the fingerprint machine. The operation is very simple, very suitable for the users who have shift shift for the day shift and the afternoon shift. However, if the shift has shift, overtime, night shift, Statistical methods to die, a more simple way I should use the shop's intelligent enterprise time and attendance software.

Enterprise Edition software is suitable for the following situations:

Scale: to dozens of people, hundreds of people, thousands of people;

Type: factories, hospitals, large supermarkets, chain agencies, groups, institutions, entertainment venues, hotels, restaurants, airports, railway stations, service industries;

Work way: Multi - shift, shift, no regular shift, regular overtime, night shift, according to hourly salary;

Smart Enterprise Time and Attendance Software Features: For the shift, overtime, irregular units, provided a free CD-ROM, the installation will have Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition two attendance software for use, One enterprise version of the software created intelligent statistical functions , The number of classes, shift, from time to time to work overtime, irregular work units, each statistics without advance scheduling, just a few mouse clicks, you can automatically complete all the attendance statistics required reports, including: late, early retirement, , Shift, duration, number of times, time recording, etc. To minimize the attendance management workload to ensure that the accuracy rate, the more people, the more the shift, the more frequent shift overtime irregular, the more significant the effectiveness of the software . Note: The software capacity of 200 people, more users to pay for the purchase.

Enterprise time and attendance software interface:

As early as 2002 Enterprise Time and Attendance software has been issued by the State Intellectual Property Office software copyright certificate, Number: 009125, registration number: 2003S84034

Software Name: Fingerprint Identification Software Universal Edition Number: 009100, registration number: 2003S84009

Enterprise Edition completely solve the attendance problem , The monthly attendance do not have to do a headache settings, the use of enterprise software automatically statistics a few easy to click the mouse to complete the main settings at the beginning to set it again can be long-term recycling.

URK M4-M Photos:

Kit includes: host, host wall board, power supply, USB cable, CD, manual, certificate, warranty card, screw and bolt bolt

Goods to be shipped:

Highest quality Of the URK fingerprint attendance:

The ten years of production history, we regard quality as life, to ensure quality, URK fingerprint machine production using modern production and management concepts, the key processes are large-scale modern factory OEM.

Motherboard PCB using immersion gold technology, mobile phones, notebooks are using the same process to ensure quality;

Board welding using high-standard BGA package welding process, the product batch of bad rate control in less than 5 per thousand;

Keypad for the gold-plated process, the use of stainless steel contacts, waterproof, dustproof, long life will never wear;

CPU frequency of 400MHZ, is the fingerprint machine industry, the highest speed, memory, etc. are using international brand products;

the best Of the after-sales service:

The products sold by the company directly to provide after-sales service.

After-sales service terms:

7 days Baotui;

30 days replacement;

3 year warranty;

Line, line, telephone, remote and other technical support, package will be satisfied with the package so far;

Provide long-term maintenance services.

The final interpretation of the terms of sale to: Beijing An Liwen High - tech Co

URK fingerprint attendance machine technical highlights:

The fastest recognition speed , With a million people super high-speed engine technology, whether it is 1000 fingerprint capacity (the machine is 1000 fingerprint capacity) or 30,000 fingerprint capacity (can be customized 3000-3 million fingerprint capacity) can experience no wait, no lag high-speed identification ;

Zero error recognition , Only the built-in million people super high-speed identification engine technology dare to talk about zero error recognition, especially in high-volume applications, this is particularly important.The technology has been successfully applied to more than 5,000 large factories (using a 1 Million fingerprint capacity version), years of use to prove error rate close to zero, recognition speed is extremely fast, so the machine 1000 fingerprint capacity is even more its capability.

U disk bi-directional read and write U disk, card reader download, fingerprint data, the name can be uploaded, without connecting the computer;

Full-function one, fingerprint machine built-in Chinese character input method and offline version of time and attendance software , No need to use the computer independently to complete attendance all the work: input fingerprints, keyboard input name, set the frequency, set the department, automatic statistical attendance report (water records, attendance anomalies statistics, the number of early and late absenteeism, etc.), in accordance with all, Departments, personal statistics at any time of the report, directly exported to the computer with a U disk view

Humanized design , Man-machine dialogue menu, live voice prompts, name number tips, to get off work alarm clock, attendance data automatically stored, power-down will never disappear, often blackout areas can choose built-in lithium battery package;

Never wear a fingerprint scanner , The scanner contact surface with quartz glass material, anti-wear, anti-pollution;

Provide enterprise version of time and attendance software , Enterprise Edition software creates intelligent statistical functions, irregular irregular shift, from time to time overtime, irregular work units, without scheduling in advance, just a few clicks of the mouse, you can automatically complete all the attendance statistics required reports.

Mass Storage: The machine has a separate internal memory, can store 200,000 attendance records, if the unit is 10 people can not be used for 10 years to delete any data.

URKM4-M fingerprint attendance machine technical parameters:

Note: The standard menu language: Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, English

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