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OTA710C attendance | fingerprint | credit card | punch card machine | punch card machine | access control machine |

OTA710C attendance | fingerprint | credit card | punch card machine | punch card machine | access control machine |
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Product parameters:

  • Attendance machine brand: OCOM / Xin Australia Kang
  • Model: OTA710C
  • Attendance type: fingerprint type
  • Access authentication: fingerprint
  • After - sales service: other

◆ using ATMEL industrial-grade chips, 200M frequency core, a substantial increase in computing speed; Fingerprint recognition speed doubled (Full 3000 fingerprint operation speed of 1 second or less)
◆ Uses the USB communication way, compared to the traditional string mouth communication way speed enhancement 5-10 times
◆ mainstream TCP / IP design, support cross-segment, gateway, easy access to complex network environment
◆ no need to add film can easily identify dry, wear, barren fingerprints to support 360-degree identification
◆ ultra-low power structure, watchdog timer function, so that the product more stable
◆ perfect access control management functions, support for access control group settings and time zone, time setting; support remote door, close the door
◆ Multilingual access control attendance management software to achieve WEB query, multi-level management
◆ SDK available to support the secondary development

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Note: This baby includes (OTA710C attendance machine, a power adapter, product warranty card, user manual, 'one card' software installation disc)

  • Support the import and export of personnel information
  • Flexible definition of work time and attendance program
  • Flexible definition of attendance units and rounding rules
  • Support staff automatic shift function
  • Support staff to sign cards
  • For each department or each employee to set a different attendance program, providing batch capabilities
  • You can view and modify employee scheduling via the shift schedule
  • Record the attendance status of each employee, according to program settings, automatically determine the late, leave early or absenteeism
  • Develop overtime plan, record the overtime situation of employees
  • Record employee leave, vacation situation
  • The monthly attendance results for each employee are counted and linked to the payroll system
  • Support U disk to collect data and download list
  • Access level can be set and access control staff rights
  • Support A, B account function
  • Using the C / S structure and B / S structure of the combination of development model, you can access the software through the IE browser
  • Support Access and SQL Server two database models, you can adapt to the needs of enterprises of all sizes
  • Multiple rights management, you can set different permissions for different users to ensure data security
  • Supports network sharing of system data