IPAD upscale charging | battery cover 077

IPAD upscale charging | battery cover 077

Product description:

8000mA Ipega Life Battery Air pack for Apple Ipad Ipad2 New


This Product is suitable for iPad/ iPad 2. In addition to being a super battery life of portable back-up battery pack, can also be used as the iPad protective cover, bring to your iPad strong momentum and excellent console protection

Built-in large capacity rechargeable lithium battery (8000mAh)

Provides the most about 5 hours of battery life

iPad original AC adapter pack with the battery pack charging to the saturation takes about 4 hours

with 4 Led battery indicator and battery test switch; real-time check the battery pack power; more convenient

Big 4pin with 1pc turn the small 5 pin USB adapters.


Input Voltage: 5V

Input Current: ≤1.5A

Quiescent Current: (100uA

Output Voltage: 5A

Output Current: ≤1A


1 x Battery Pack for iPad 2