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Apple talkie | black iphone 4 / 4S speaker | Mobile walkie-talkie | earpiece | Microphone

Apple talkie | black iphone 4 / 4S speaker | Mobile walkie-talkie | earpiece | Microphone
  • Apple talkie | black iphone 4 / 4S speaker | Mobile walkie-talkie | earpiece | Microphone
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Other info: 14KG
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New Stylish Cool Transceiver / Speaker for iPhone 3G 4G 4S Black

This Transceiver like a 1970s Police With This Radio Transceiver

Overheard in a 22nd century history class... In the early days of personal wireless communications, people either held their mobile phones to their ears or wore Bluetooth headsets that made them look futuristic to themselves, pretentious and douchey to others. Fade out as the class erupts in giggling and catcalls.

Indeed, our technology seems to have advanced further than our ability to handle it -.? Literally Filter incoming and outgoing microwave transmissions through your brain much Enjoy having others give you that uh oh, crazy guy look as you chat away mindlessly with a Bluetooth headset ? stuffed in one ear There's GOT to be a better way and now there is:... Unqiue Design Retro Style Transceiver for iPhone

The Transceiver is also a miniature music speaker - no cheap; cheesy; tinny speakers here Using one button you can play or pause music (one click), skip forward (two clicks), or go back to the previous song (three clicks)! . When having a phone conversation, you can employ real radio mode by moving a button on the side and mute the person on the other end of the line while you talk.

Here's one cool Accessory for iPhone that will certainly get you into nostalgic mode as it brings back 70s-style radioing dispatch to send message or communicate to someone else - the Transceiver for iPhone.
Remember those CB transceivers? That's what this accessory does to your phone.

Essentially, its a speaker with built-in mic that you can connect to your phone (supports other handsets with headphone port as well).
The accessory lets you answer or end a call just by pressing a large button.
You can even hang it off your shirt via a convenient clip if you feel like talking to somebody on hands-free. Yes, just like in the movies when the good old policemen are chasing the bad guys in a fast car. And if you want to rest from those dream sequences of yours, you can stop using the transceiver for awhile and use it as a speaker when you feel like listening to some music stored in your phone.


-Product Size: 7.87 * 6.65 * 2.05cm
-Power Supply: (2) AAA type batteries
-Continuous Use time: about 15 hours (using alkaline batteries)
-Cord Length: Compressed 50cm (about time); Plug: 3.5mm
-Color: Black

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