iphone projector

iphone projector

Product description:

Pocket-sized mini projector for iPhone and iPod.
Supports external DVD / TV / game consoles and other equipment.
3 main functions: Directly project videos from Apple; Output the Apple's videos to TV by AV cable; Project multimedia (like DVD; VCD; etc) videos by AV cable.
It can be used as the AV cable, speaker and charger of iPhone / iPod.
Lens has focusing function, to adjust the clarity of the image by the focus adjutment.
Embeded rechargeable Li-polymer battery
Built-in media player for video and music.
Built-in loud speaker.
Palm-size design for easy carry.
Ideal for business meetings and presentations, outdoor camping and travel.

Color: Black
Operating Voltage: DC 5V
Maximun Current Work: ≤450mA
Interface: AV in; USB port; iPhone / iPod plug
Resolution Size: 320 * 240