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8 times IPHONE 4 generations | special telescope

8 times IPHONE 4 generations | special telescope
  • 8 times IPHONE 4 generations | special telescope
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a perfect item for apple iphone 4 users and lovers, smart design for focusing longer distance when taking photo or video

detachable lens that adds 8x optical magnification to your iphone 4G or 4G built in camera

overcome the short coming of camera cllphone that can only near -sighted

8x Optical Zoom Telescope Lens for Apple iPhone 4 4G


100% brand new, High quality

Make your iphone 4 transformed into a professional telescope

8x Telescope Lens Specifications:

- Minimum Focus Distance: 3M

- Magnification: 8X

- Field View: 246M

- Angle of View: 16 °

- Size: 30x 70mm

Tripod specifications:

This Tripod approximately 135mm in length x 20mm in width

2 Level (3 sections) leg extension for height adjustments

Tripod extra adjustment to control the width of leg spread

Package Include:

1 x Long Focal Lens

1 x Universal Holder

1 x Mini Tripod

1 x Cleaning cloth

1 x Case

1 x pouch

Product Description:

This product is a mobile phone telescope. The main function of optical zoom (8x fixed times), manual zoom, this product can not autofocus.


1. Function: to overcome the shortcomings of the camera phone can only myopia can not Lex, so that vision as clear reproduction of your eyes.

And with 8x zoom, you can adjust the focus;

2. Advantages: novel optical design, super wide-angle, through light volume, high resolution, good color reproduction.

The phone image quality has improved significantly.

3. Uses: Suitable for watching match, concert, travel, animal observation lovers, news reporter long-distance shooting.

Private detective photo evidence, geological exploration, forestry management, railway port scheduling, traffic control management department forensics.

Public security law enforcement forensics and so on.

The black special case; exquisite workmanship; Mount touch sand; can be used alone as a protective cover to use!