Photography lamp holder

Photography lamp holder

Product description:

FLASHGUN Flash Hot Shoe Digital DC Camera ARMS Bracket Stand for Canon Nikon


6.1 straight adjustable flash bracket

Designed for mounting your flashgun off your camera

Widely used for digital camera; video camera flash; video light

Excellent for macro photography

It features a sliding 1/4 camera screw to allow for variable positing of the flash or other accessory at the camera's side

Helps reduce red eye as the flash is further away from the camera's lens

Two socket on the bottom for easily mounting on a tripod

Deep enough screw hole ensures firm fix

Size: 156 x 25mm (L x W)

Color: mainly black

Package Included:

1 x 6.1 Straight Adjustable Flash Bracket

Flash hot shoe digital DC Canon Nikon camera mounted weapon station
6.1 'direct modulation flash bracket
Flash designed for mounting your camera
Widely used in digital cameras; cameras; video light
Excellent macro photography
Has a slide 1/4 "camera screw allows the camera to flash or other accessories for variable positioning of the party
It helps reduce the red-eye flash is further away from the camera lens
The bottom of the dual-socket is easily installed on a tripod
Deep enough to ensure secure fixing screw holes
Size: 156 * 25 mm (L * W)
Colour: Black
Package includes:
1 * 6.1 'direct modulation flash bracket