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JUNG | rear intake mechanism silicone blower | blowing | Red, sucker blowing

JUNG | rear intake mechanism silicone blower | blowing | Red, sucker blowing
  • JUNG | rear intake mechanism silicone blower | blowing | Red, sucker blowing
Product code: 17605000001
Unit price: 13 CNY  (1.89 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 5KG
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High Quality
Brand new! Never used!

Hard-Plastic nozzle with inlet-valve.
Natural and environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
Perfect for cleaning digital SLR, SLR, digital camera lens, binocular lens, and telescope lens, filters, musical instruments, computers, keyboards, cellphone, etc.
The function of this Blower is to gently remove dust & erase smudges from delicate equipment without leaving residue.
Excellent way to remove dust off sensitive camera parts without physical contact.
Better for the environment than canned air.
Color: Red

Included: Air Blower x1

(Model): Domestic gas blow
(Color): Black / Red

(product manual) :
Blowing mainly for camera lens cleaner is designed to be used to clean cameras, televisions, monitors, LCD screen, glasses, precision instruments and other items.

• Overall length (including stainless steel long nose included).
• blowing, so that more dust nowhere to hide. With suction cups
• blower neck (mouth and blowing the ball junction) using thicker handle, easy to bend, to effectively prevent the mouth during use touch lens damage.

(Instructions): The use of a blower, pay attention to avoid blowing the ash can not clean up the place due to dust levels generally sticks to the surface, so from the side of the blow will be easier for blowing the dust blown away. Unable to clean up stubborn dirt can be cleaned with lens pen camera lens is delicate items, please use the proper cleaning tools to protect their beloved camera and lens. workmanship is very good with a blower, feel great! not very strenuous, it It can generate a large enough wind, and compact, especially suitable for carrying.

All camcorders, cameras, lenses, CDs, computers, LCD screens, audio-visual equipment, jewelry, watches, precision instruments, PDA, glasses and LCD screens and other products, have decontamination, light, pollution, fog, frost Effect.
Blowing computers, fine table, phone, TV, telephone, CD. VCD. DVD machines, communications equipment, optical instruments, etc. with tools essential! (It clears the fine dust annoying for you