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Oxen CF-18 flash | light control with lead flashing | Support SLR / digital camera

Oxen CF-18 flash | light control with lead flashing | Support SLR / digital camera
  • Oxen CF-18 flash | light control with lead flashing | Support SLR / digital camera
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Unit price: 116 CNY  (16.85 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 16KG
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** Set the power select to NORMAL:
Set off the slave flash to camera shoe mount. By pressing test button while flash ready light is on. Fire a test flash to ensure the flash is charged and ready to fire.

** Set the power select to SLAVE ON:
Attach the bracket to camera. Slip the digital slave flash to the shoe of the mounting bracket, Make sure to align the flash parallel to camera's direction. Point your camera toward the target and take picture. The digital slave flash will automatically fire each time the camera's flash fire.


Bracket Weight: 49g
Flash Weight: 68g (Without Batteries)
Flash Size: 91.6mm (H) x 62mm (W) x 30mm (L)
Bracket Length: 160mm
Color: Black
Power Source: 2 x AA batteries (NOT included)


Work with all digital & SLR camera

Auto Pre-flash Sensor for red eye

Flash Ready Light indicator

Compact, lightweight design is ideal for travel

Dramatically improves telephoto zoom flash pictures

Enables use of smaller apertures for increased depth of field

Improves color, depth and evenness of lighting up to 34 feet or more

Use off camera as a remote slave, place & aim it anywhere extra light is needed

Bracket includes hot shoe for easy flash removal

Note: SONY Camera only work on the without use hot shoe mount.

Package Include:

1 x CF-18 Digital Slave Flash with bracket

I. Introduction

Shenzhen oxen CF-18 is a pre-flash function with anti-camera flash can be directly inserted in the camera hot shoe flash trigger seat, while compact, easy to operate. It has advanced light control smart devices suitable for measuring the receiver, with a variety of camera flash perfectly together to achieve off-camera sync flash; also with Top flash Flash Trigger CT04 Lead flashing long distances as fill light, side, top light, and foot light use in actual use.

Second, the main function

1, Power Select

1) Power off: Power off file

2) Normal: Hot shoe sync files

3) Slave on: light control synchro gear

2, Slave Mode

Pre-flash frequency adjustment gear, four stalls to fit a variety of phase?  brain-do chain asked δ archery?

Pre-flash frequency: S1 file for the first time; S2 tranche of secondary; S3 file is three times; S4 file four times.

Third, the main parameters

power supply

2 AA * 1.5v alkaline batteries

Call Time

2-3 seconds

Irradiation angle (horizontal x vertical)

60°x 40°

Color Temperature


Flash Duration

1/1000 sec

Flash Index (ISO100)

GN 18m

Trigger mode

Hot shoe; light control; test flash

Work instructions

When the red light is indicated as the preparatory work is completed

The use of methods:

1, Power Select 'placed' Power off 'files, turn off the power.

2, Power Select 'placed' Normal 'file, the executable forced flash and hotshoe flash synchronization functions.

3, Power Select 'placed' Slave on 'file when the light control means to achieve flash synchronization.

4, Power Select 'placed' Slave on 'file, adjust the Slave Mode' profile can be applied to different kinds of digital camera flash pre-flash frequency.

V. Note:

1, when not in use, please take out the battery (do not use rechargeable batteries).

2, indicator lights, etc. should be taken to ensure the flash index.

3. When storing, keep away from moisture, heat.

4, do not use on the eyes, so as not to cause discomfort.

5, please do not disassemble, hair-free electric shock.

Can be equipped with top soft board, reflectors use