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Olympus camera shutter line

Olympus camera shutter line
  • Olympus camera shutter line
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RS5007 Remote Shutter Releas For OLYMPUS E30 E400 E410 E420 E520 E620 SP510 EP-2

This product is a remote control cable with locking function. It can connect to all famous brand professional cameras (which have the corresponding sockets) . With the help of our products, you can take pictures just with the shutter release.


1. To prevent any unexpected accidents, please turn off the camera.

2. Open the shutter socket cover, and plug the remote control in the correct direction. (For a spiral plug, please turn the lock anti-clockwise and unplug it.)

3. Turn on your camera, and start to take wonderful pictures.

4. Since you can trigger the shutter without touching the camera body; it can avoid camera vibration; and result in better and sharper pictures

How to use:

1. Half press the release button, and start the auto-focus system of the camera. After focusing on the subject, please fully press the release button to take a picture .

2. Lock the shutter. (please set the camera to continuous shooting or BULB mode ) and fully press the release button . By pushing the button forward , you may lock the camera and start continuous shooting or long exposure .


1. This product is an accessory of electronic products . The camera may not properly work because of some environmental factors . But this situation rarely happens , so don′t worry!

2. Release the lock when not using it for a long time.

3. Please don′t drag the cable when connected to camera.

4. Avoid putting this product in a place with high temperature.

5. Please keep it dry. Avoid touching it with wet hands or immersing it into water or exposing it in rains. Or, it may not work properly.

6. Please don′t use it in the presence of flammable gas. It may cause an explosion or fire.

Models and Compatible Cameras:

100% Compatible with the Below Models:

Olympus: E400 E410 E420 E450 E510 E520 E620 E30 EP1

SP-510 SP-550 SP-560 SP-565 SP-571 SP-590