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Sony SLR camera hot shoe spirit level cover | Sony SLR shoe level of beads

Sony SLR camera hot shoe spirit level cover | Sony SLR shoe level of beads
  • Sony SLR camera hot shoe spirit level cover | Sony SLR shoe level of beads
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Directly installed in flash heat boot top, protect flash heat boots, copy touch dust, photo according to need reference level state.
It is suitable for thermal boots SLR cameras use. The following brand camera for heat boots.
SONY and minolta thermal boots mouth camera special.
For example: SONY A580 / A560 / A55 / A33 / A390 / A290 / A900 / A850 A100 /
/ A700 / A550 / A500 / A450 / A350 / A300 / A330 / A230 / A200, etc
Blind shoot and scenery photography good helper - hot boots type level
An example of a
You often have such a desire: trying to 5 meters of the United States eyebrow that natural outpouring of one's voice and expression in the hands of the telephoto camera preserved. The pity is ten to one you a failure. Primary cause to have two: one of, didn't clap, because be afraid of embarrassing you dare not raise a hand camera to the strange the United States eyebrow click. Second, you use the blind shoot, but did not take the main body, because you can't point.
Two cases
You sometimes interest on to a strong visual impact of low Angle shot, however you again with great reluctance because lying on the ground landscape and dirty just bought a set of Nike.
Three cases of
Go out to play, too lazy to take heavy tripod. Put the camera on the rock autodyne when you will find it difficult to know a place really level. Even using a tripod, only those who take level expensive high-end stand only trustworthy.
Above troubles we help you solve:
Here an unprecedented level products, let you enjoy the blind take pleasure. It only thumbnail size, insert camera flash heat boots, may at any time correction fuselage level. It is a soft texture excellent silicone rubber base and a gold embedded in one of the high precision universal level a pearl.
Has the following features:
1. Has always level correction action, especially used for blind shoot and scenery instead of shooting on the tripod's level.
2. With silicone rubber thermal boots protection cover the same protective function and delicate do manual work.
3. Suitable for almost all with heat boots camera (currently temporary does not apply to minolta)
4. Small beautiful, clever use of camera thermal boots and sensitive element strictly parallel characteristic. Modern camera are almost streamline design, top besides the heat outside boots almost no other position can and sensitive element strictly parallel, even if there is also not convenient installation level. And this kind of hot boots type level than external flash remove more convenient.