430EX diffusers | Canon EX430 | diffusers | Soap

430EX diffusers | Canon EX430 | diffusers | Soap

Product description:

Soft hood also called flash light scattering cover, it can will flash play out light becomes downy, make the photo look more natural, is installed in the flash of a kind of strong light to play the role of cushioning device. It is the principle of the stiff flash direct light through the high temperature resistant translucent plastic, into soft diffused light, elimination portraits and other shooting objects hate high spot, make your pictures as studio shoot out of the beautiful natural.
White cover is soft cover, natural soft cover. We often can see the photographer used white cloth made of some cover in the studio film, that is the reason why.
A different color of light absorption capacity is not the same. Black and dark colors absorb light ability, the transformation of heat energy also corresponding. So the winter, people like to wear black with deep color clothes, to increase the absorption of heat of the sun, increase quantity of heat, improves comfort. White is the color of shallow light absorption ability is poor, the transformation of heat energy also corresponding less. In the summer, people like to wear white shallow color clothes, to reduce the absorption of heat of the sun, reducing heat sources, let oneself more cool. By the same token, black tank absorption heat absorption ability, after nearly a day of exposure, feels should feel more heat. On the contrary, white tank absorption heat absorption ability is poor, feels should feel cooler.
White do soft cover principle is that it will light after many reflection becomes uniform, or in the light passes through, part of a small amount of light passes through, make the light is downy.