JUNG | Nikon | Pentax | MINOLTA | diffuser | for a variety of external flash | Large diffusers

JUNG | Nikon | Pentax | MINOLTA | diffuser | for a variety of external flash | Large diffusers

Product description:


A photographic flash is a small, intense source of light that produces very

harsh shadows.

The photographer can enlarge the light source, it will be a significant

improvement over direct flash.

This SoftBox / Diffuser can enlarges and diffuses the light with the flash in the

direct flash position.

To soften shadows and eliminate unpleasant red eye !!

Meanwhile, it does not block either exposure sensors or auto focus assist

beams on most flashes.

Light Loss: Approximately 1/2 stop.

Folds flat to 15cm * 12cm

Size: 36cm * 33m

JUNG Canon Ni Kangbin was applicable to a variety of external flash diffuser

  • This product can be widely used in a variety of external flash; flash interfaces resizable; in accordance with diffuser diffusing surface is divided into two different specifications; Large width 150 *high 120mm ,
  • Entire diffuser uses a combination of four fold; portable and easy to use; diffusion surface high light-transmissive material; with good light transmission;

  • Multiple flash is particularly suitable for both private and inconvenient to carry multiple diffusers professional photographer.

Instruction manual:

1. Place the rubber ring over the flash.

2. The diffuser is fixed to the flash rubber.

3. After the belt tension bar elastic fixed to the flash, you can use.

4. After you are finished using diffuser, can reverse steps to remove diffusers, open parts in the bag.

Special illumination optical design, coupled with the diffuser can be arbitrary rotation deformation, regardless Penhold horizontal position indoor / outdoor, to follow a different environment, make different soft effects.

  • This diffuser applies not only to do more close-up portraits lighting, ultra-wide-angle photography aids.
  • Use a strong elastic band, without the magic stick, Any brand models, TTL, AUTO are applicable.
  • Soft materials, collapsible collapsible, easy to carry.
  • Reflective silver lining outer black mask, to avoid unnecessary energy waste.
  • As long as top flash, the lamp can rise 90 degrees can be used.