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Sony HVL-F58AM flash diffusers | Soap | soft box | Square diffusers

Sony HVL-F58AM flash diffusers | Soap | soft box | Square diffusers
  • Sony HVL-F58AM flash diffusers | Soap | soft box | Square diffusers
Product code: 17597500001
Unit price: 2 CNY  (0.29 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 1KG
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The Flash Soft Light Diffuser will diffuse the light output of the flash, producing softer shadows and a soft, more natural glow rather than the harsher effect when using a direct flash. The diffuser provides even coverage across the entire frame
The Light Diffuser simply slides onto and off the flash with custom fitting, without the need for touch fastener tabs.
Compatible Speedlight with:
Color: White
Diffusers Model: Sony HVL-F58AM dedicated
product manual:
Material pliable, and flash closely, the color temperature control is accurate. Film duration Touming Zhuang, under certain thickness, molecular lattice showing wear, so that the light scattering translucent containers, temperature 130 degrees, has an excellent soft stretch sex and anti-fragmentation, chemically stable.
Manufacturing materials: polyethylene, used for film preservation non-toxic food packaging.
Product advantages:
1, colorless / colored translucent polyethylene material, high transmittance, thickness moderate.
2, color temperature accurate, natural color reproduction.
3, flexibility, abrasion resistance, tensile compressive, resistance to cold and heat.
4, ordering convenient, inexpensive and only accept material cost and minimum processing fees.
5, appearance, work well.
In addition to the most remote coefficient minus 2.5, but it does not need to make other adjustments.
In addition to TTL mode, not in the normal position of top direct use diffuser. In order to achieve the best results it should be used at 45 degrees oblique.
To achieve the best results, you should use 45 degrees oblique.
Just like the color temperature of the machine is set at 3500K-4000K, you can avoid shoot the film yellow, or blue in the PS Riga around 10.