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JYC film | Canon CANON 450D 500D LCD King Kong film | Protective film | Camera film | SLR film camera

JYC film | Canon CANON 450D 500D LCD King Kong film | Protective film | Camera film | SLR film camera
  • JYC film | Canon CANON 450D 500D LCD King Kong film | Protective film | Camera film | SLR film camera
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Professional Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector for Canon 450D/ 500D


JYC pro optical glass LCD screen protector

Specially designed for Canon 450D/ 500D

Adopts ultra-thin optical glass & a special processing

With highly transparent; hardness; durability and wear-proof properties

Provides anti-dust; anti-scratch; anti-dirt; anti-aging; and anti-strike protection for your camera

Avoids the erosion of the sweat, oil and acid

Effectively lengthen the life of your LCD screen

Easy and firm installment with no bubbles

Applicable Model: Canon 450D/ 500D

Size: 67 x 50 mm

Color: Mainly clear and black

Package Included:

1 x Glass LCD Screen Protector

Jue Ying JYC special diamond film camera for Canon 450D/50D LCD screen protector film camera

For models: Canon 450D/50D film

Steel Shield products feature:

  • Gold Shield series is made of imported steel 0.5 mm ultra-thin specialty optical glass materials, borders with aluminum mirror effect, custom-made with the fuselage one.
  • Diamond shield used in optical glass surface by special strengthening process, at or near its hardness Mohs hardness 8H (diamond 10H human nail for 2~3H). in the course of normal use will not scratch, wear away, do not generate bubbles, corners, fall off, and so on.
  • Steel shields used in optical glass, through a special hardening treatment, screen can handle elastic pressure up to 4 kg/cm, damaged LCD accident prevention.
  • Diamond shield originally imported optical glass, their transmission rate is above 95%, display and clear picture quality. Professional screen also uses a blue-violet optical coating to prevent glare and unwanted stray light, effectively preventing the aging of the screen.
  • Diamond shield United States 3M or Japan Nitto G4000 double-sided glue super glue, without cutting and pasting easy, normal high and low temperatures and humidity does not affect normal use will not fall off, it does not need frequent replacement. On the premise of surface is not damaged can be reused.
  • To safeguard the selling and purchasing of mutual benefits, which registered an exclusive patent.
  • Steel Shield above the characteristics of normal protective film can not be compared. Word embodies the beautiful, practical, convenient and designed once and for all.

Steel protective screen how to remove? after demolition will not damage the surface of the camera?

  • Gold double steel shields are imported glue Super Glue (professional screens for United States 3M adhesive, civilian screen for the Japan East G4000), ultra strong adhesion force and test standards the level of moderate under normal humidity, viscosity is not affected in any way. If you want to take it down, PVC blister packaging cards available (hardness 2~3H) or the corresponding strength of the sheet object, gently insert protection bond, then slowly along the borders around a circle of protection, so that the adhesive layer is loose or out of the camera, and then firmly and evenly, the shield is taken off. We bond layer by used of material for imports strong rubber, its on camera surface no any hurt, to Yao whole rubber stick layer from camera, to Yao whole rubber stick layer from screen or camera, not on fuselage surface caused any hurt, as has slightly residues glial or for with long Hou screen and fuselage connection edge some Xu dust, is with soft of cloth dipped is neutral detergent light wipe clean can.


1, in front of the camera LCD screen is not gold is not steel protective screen and camera screen compaction!

2; Prohibited do not use nails to hard opening steel screen; Otherwise not only will bend the glass screen and broken; May also scratch the camera!