Nikon SB600 | Soap | SB600 diffusers YN460 YN460II YN467 YN468

Nikon SB600 | Soap | SB600 diffusers YN460 YN460II YN467 YN468

Product description:

Material flexibility, and flash cooperate closely, the color temperature control is very good. And import the STO - FEN you a spell.
Soft cover looks be like simple, but the technology content is very high! The market of soft cover many, in fact, a lot of in the soft light effect, and with the flash is not best. Especially the color temperature control, it is decided to soft cover is qualified important factors. I hope you choose and buy when, we must pay special attention to.
Materials: polyethylene, used in food wrapper and non-toxic food packaging.
Characteristic: film schedule transparent outfit, in a certain thickness? Recognition approach  swollen mirror's Ц volunteers girdle elvis  structure Pi le  [5] [5] Su pick up Lu the hige elvis  hip? 130 degrees, with excellent soft stretch properties and resistance to shatter, stable chemical properties.
Soft cover method of use:
In addition to furthest distance minus 2.5 coefficient outside, do not need for other adjustment.
In addition to TTL model outside, not in the normal machine top direct position use soft cover. In order to achieve the best effect should be USES 45 degrees of inclined
Promise forever soap box soft light box
Suitable for model and YN462's YN460 YN460II YN465 YN467 YN468 nikon SB600 SB800