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Jue Ying JYC 62mm PRO-1D ultrathin multilayer coating CPL | Circular polarizing filters | 62 mm | Eliminating reflections

Jue Ying JYC 62mm PRO-1D ultrathin multilayer coating CPL | Circular polarizing filters | 62 mm | Eliminating reflections
  • Jue Ying JYC 62mm PRO-1D ultrathin multilayer coating CPL | Circular polarizing filters | 62 mm | Eliminating reflections
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Digital Cameras Need Multicoated Filters
JYC High Quality Circular Polarizer Filter for Lens 62 mm
Used to strengthen the saturation of images.
Eliminate reflections on the glass or the water surface.
For a better result, blue sky, foliage, colourful objects.
1. Made in Japan
2. Brand new, never used
3. Ultra thin Glass: 1mm ( same class as HOYA Pro 1 series )
4. Filter frames: 3mm
5. Material: Optical glasss and Anodized Aluminum Metal
Key Features:
Digital Multi-Coated
Digital multi-coated filters greatly reduce the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections.
Black Almite Frame
Filters feature a black matte
Black Rimmed Glass
These filters are equipped with black rimmed glass to reduce the chance of light reflecting off the edge.
Low Profile Frame
Ultra thin filter frames to help avoid vignetting on super wide angle lenses are also designed to hold a lens cap.
Knurling Edge Frame
These filters are equipped with a straight knurling edge for non-slip, easy attachment and removal.
UV Protected Case
Filter cases are UV protected to further lengthen the life of filters.
Jue Ying JYC Pro1-D DMC digital cameras ultrathin multilayer plating films special polarizing filters CPL
Product introduction:
JYC special filters PRO1-D series digital camera is the latest design and development of new products specifically for digital cameras. The series can for wide-angle lens, filter light mirror frames used latest design as easy and lens lenses contact of thin type box, PRO1-D series filter light mirror for digital camera image sensor easy produced reflection light of phenomenon, in design Shang maximum reduced has filter light mirror mirror reflection light into lens within, in process Shang used has latest of digital multilayer plating film DMC technology, JYC PRO1-D series filter light mirror in filter light mirror edge four week and Shi to coated black process, maximum of reduced has mirror reflection light, Halo, And flares, light transmission rate significantly higher than the General filters
DMC:DIGITAL MULTI-COATED (digital multi-coated)
General UV PRO1 Digital addition to mirror the function; Most special is the coating of lenses designed especially for digital cameras; PRO1 Digital with DMC (Digital Multi Coat), in addition to the mirror is really transparent outer but also less filters and internal reflections between the lens is like.
Main six properties:
1 per, DMC, digital multi-coated digital. Multi-coated filters-reflective lenses can be reduced to a minimum, and reducing the reflected beam and double.
2, BAF, black aluminum frame. Filter sand surface in black aluminium frame, can be further reduced by the reflected light of the bounding box.
3, BRG, lens edges painted black. It is designed to avoid all chance of reflecting light from the lens edge.
4, LPF, ultra-thin frame. New slim design frame helps glasses used on the ultra wide-angle lens. Easy contact with the lens, but can be completed with the lens cap.
5, KEF, grooved frame. Flute is using Spring lock the lens from sliding, and easy to install to remove.
6, UVC, anti-UV box. Filters with UV protection box, to better prevent UV penetration, thus prolonging the service life of the filter.
Function: improve the color contrast filter, strengthening the performance of the lens and the screen color contrast. Be able to demonstrate the deep blue of the sky and clouds. To prevent reflection of glass and water, apply with bright reflections photography. Can also reduce the Pan-fog in the atmosphere cause a soft focus landscapes, but does not change the tonal balance of the picture. Most modern single-lens reflex camera (SLR) reflection is half of polarizing Prism (beam photometry) system., CIR-PL is designed for use with these single lens camera.
1, the Elimination of other reflective objects
2, remove the glass mirror reflective/sky blue
3, eliminate surface reflection
4, elimination of plant surfaces of reflective
Polarizers using methods and points for attention
Polarizing filter installation; Spinning directly on UV microscopy; If the dark corner (this phenomenon is particularly evident in ultra wide-angle; Jue Ying JYC lenses are thin, but UV ultra thin CPL have a certain thickness), UV can be removed, then screw in CPL.
Polarizers and method as follows: SLR cameras or ordinary polarizer directly on DC in front of the lens; Slowly rotate the polarizer adjustment ring; Through the viewing window (normal DC LCD observation must be used, cannot be observed by optical viewfinder) and shot scenes in a polarized light source, until they disappear or decrease to the desired effect so far. If camera not has turned received ring, cannot installation polarization mirror, or is only next axis framing, can put polarization mirror first put in front, side framing side rotating polarization mirror regulation ring, until polarized disappeared or weakened to expected size, then in regulation ring azimuth keep not variable (even regulation ring Shang of logo by indicates of direction keep not variable) of premise Xia, will polarization mirror translation to sets in camera of lens front-end. Later camera shot is not free to change directions, or else reset the polarization directions of the polarizer