SB900 diffusers | suitable for Nikon SB900 | Flash | box-type diffusers | quality

SB900 diffusers | suitable for Nikon SB900 | Flash | box-type diffusers | quality

Product description:

Product Details
Shipping Weight: 23g
Product Description
- Lightweight and easy to use
- Helps reduce harsh shadows and eliminates annoying red eye effect
- Robust rectangular lip makes the installation easy and stabilizes the shape
- Material: plastic
- Color: Semi-transparent white
Compatible with:
- Nikon SB900
Package includes:
- 1x Flash Diffuser

Nikon SB900 soapbox-shaped soft box diffusers

Material pliable, and flash closely, the color temperature control is very good. And imports that STO-FEN win a fight.

Diffusers seem simple, but its technical content is very high! Diffuser on the market a lot, in fact, a lot of cooperation in soft light effects and flashing lights and disappointments, especially color temperature control, is to decide whether diffusers Eligible important factor. Hope you buy time to pay special attention!

Materials: polyethylene, used for film preservation non-toxic food packaging.

Features: thin film Touming Zhuang Cheng, at a certain thickness, molecular lattice showing wear, so that the light scattering translucent containers, temperature 130 degrees, has an excellent soft stretch resistance and fragmentation, chemical stability.

Diffuser to use:
In addition to the most remote coefficient minus 2.5, but it does not need to make other adjustments.
In addition ttl mode, not in the normal position of top direct use diffuser. In order to achieve the best results it should be used at 45 degrees oblique