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JYC film | for Canon CANON G9 G10 LCD Diamond film | protective film | Camera film | film SLR cameras

JYC film | for Canon CANON G9 G10 LCD Diamond film | protective film | Camera film | film SLR cameras
  • JYC film | for Canon CANON G9 G10 LCD Diamond film | protective film | Camera film | film SLR cameras
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Professional Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector for Canon G9 / G10


JYC pro optical glass LCD screen protector

Specially designed for Canon G9 / G10

Adopts ultra-thin optical glass & a special processing

With highly transparent; hardness; durability and wear-proof properties

Provides anti-dust; anti-scratch; anti-dirt; anti-aging; and anti-strike protection for your camera

Avoids the erosion of the sweat, oil and acid

Effectively lengthen the life of your LCD screen

Easy and firm installment with no bubbles

Applicable Model: Canon G9 / G10

Size: 67 x 50 mm

Color: Mainly clear and black

Package Included:

1 x Glass LCD Screen Protector

MG shadow JYC Canon G9 / G10 LCD special diamond film camera camera film screen protector

Model: Canon G9 / G10 Foil

Magic shield Product Features:

  • Magic shield series all imported 0.5 mm ultra-thin professional optical glass raw material, the use of vacuum aluminum frame mirror effect, tailor-made and seamless body.
  • Optical glass surface used magic shield reinforced through a special process, so that the hardness at or near the Mohs hardness 8H (diamond is 10H, human fingernail is 2 ~ 3H). In normal use will not scratch , wear flowers, will not produce bubbles, Qiaojiao, loss and other circumstances.
  • Optical glass used magic shield, after special strengthening process, protect the screen can withstand the elastic pressure of 4 kg / cm, to prevent accidental damage to LCD.
  • Magic shield before using imported raw optical glass, its light transmission rate of more than 95%, clear display screen. Professional screen also uses a blue-violet light optical coating, can prevent glare and unwanted stray light, effectively prevent screen aging.
  • Magic shield by the United States or Japan Nitto G4000 3M double-sided strong adhesive attached, no cutting, pasting and convenient, without the normal high and low temperature and humidity, normal use will not fall off, without frequent replacement. In the face of glue Reusable from damage under the premise.
  • To protect the common interests of both sides into the sales of the product registered an exclusive patent.
  • Magic shield above features are unmatched by ordinary protective film short embodies the aesthetic, practical, convenient, once the design concept.

How to disassemble magic shield? Will not damage the surface of the camera after the demolition?

  • Magic shield will be attached to the use of imported double-sided adhesive strength (professional screen for the US 3M adhesive, civilian screen for the Japanese Nitto G4000 glue), superior adhesion, and in normal moderate level of humidity testing standards, sticky force are not affected. If you want to be removed to be used in PVC plastic packaging hanging card (hardness 2 ~ 3H) or the corresponding strength of the sheet-like object, first slowly inserted into the protective screen at bonding, followed slowly along the protective screen border perimeter, the adhesive layer is loose or off camera, and then even force, the shield can be removed. We used an adhesive layer made of imported glue, its surface without any harm to the camera, to be unitary the entire adhesive layer from the camera, to unitary whole adhesive layer from the screen or the camera will not cause any harm to the body surface, if a little residual gum or because of the connection with the rear edge of the screen and the body slightly long dust, then with a soft cloth dipped in a little neutral detergent to clean graze.


1, do not protect the screen and the camera screen magic compaction of the former being the camera's LCD monitor!

2; Never use nails to avoid hard to expose magic protection screen; otherwise, not only due to the bending and breaking off pieces of glass protection screen; also may scratch the camera!