Genuine retro science with patented adults | dual cameras | dual-lens camera waist level | DIY assembly camera | Red

Genuine retro science with patented adults | dual cameras | dual-lens camera waist level | DIY assembly camera | Red

Product description:

Vintage Style DIY Twin Lens Reflex TLR DIY Camera New


DIY Film Camera is a light-grabbing sport

Quick shutters; small apertures; fast subjects

The Film Camera come and create a full-action MiniMovie

Uses standard film and standard processing

Condition: Brand new

Size: 29cm X 22cm X 5cm

Weight: 0.3 Kg

Material: Plastic

Colour: Red

SKU: 901959-A06-07-03

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Package Included:

1 x DIY Camera Set

1 x Operation Manual


(Adult science) is the name of a Japanese magazine, is a series of creative toy's name. The reason is simple, the toy is used as gifts accompanying the magazine's existence. (Adult science) in Japan, Taiwan, and even in Mainland, both with very high popularity, because the magazine's unique perspective, and it comes with the toy is not an ordinary toy NA me simple. (adult science) that comes with actually should be called toy parts, require players to own according to the instructions self-assembly, and the content of toys is the subject of the magazine.

Camera Introduction

Article 25 themes (Science adults) is a 35mm twin-lens reflex camera; see this guy; you are not returned to the 70--80 years; good old, right?

In fact, the first since Alex Frye Carolina published in Germany in 1928, twin-lens reflex camera seventy years has been well received by senior photography enthusiasts of all ages before and after the fifties had also once the world of professional photography news pet areas, as the film area, and the machine is relatively lightweight, functional and practical, yet durable, widely used in fashion, advertising and portrait photography, landscape photography, has become a very popular universal models. Older generation of photographers who has ever owned, used, loved it before, it is still a soft spot.

Since the recent decades the world still producing this type of camera manufacturers have heal heal the same, in addition to expensive outside the general impact of the Friends difficult cares Carolina Germany, undoubtedly our own Seagull with Japan Mamiya C series double Anti-aircraft and Yashica 124G and Rama of the Soviet Union.

Now (adult science) journals to review these old memories, produced a 35mm twin-lens reflex camera in this product, you can complete their own a twin-lens reflex camera dream step by step through their assembled, ruffle-like, fun of it, and quickly close a bar.

Condition: New

Dimensions: 29 cm X 22 X 5 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.3 kg

Material: Plastic

Color: Red

SKU: 901959-A06-07-03

Note: Due to different monitor settings may result in color, but all the pictures are from in-kind shooting, please rest assured purchase.