SLR camera shutter cable RM-UC1

SLR camera shutter cable RM-UC1

Product description:

HONGDAK RM-UC1 Remote Shutter Release Switch for Olympus SP-590 E30/50 E400 E410 E420 E510

Product Introduction:

Remote shutter release cord is a useful gear to prevent vibration when taking photos under long exposures, close-ups (macro) or continuous shooting.

The shutter release button of this remote cord can be pressed halfway for auto-focus and exposure metering. A shutter release button lock is available for long exposures shooting and continuous shooting.

Product Feature:

Press the button half way to activate the auto-focus and set the shutter speed

Press the button completely to shoot

For long exposures (camera should be in Bulb Mode) , press the button down completely and slide in the direction of the arrow / hold; which locks the pressed button; slide the button back to its original position when finished

Product Specification:

Length of cord: approx. 3 FT,90 CM

Compatible with: Olympus SP-590 E30/50 E400 E410 E420 E510

Package Content:

1x Remote Shutter Release Switch

1x User Manual