Nintendo WII remote control on the steering wheel

Nintendo WII remote control on the steering wheel

Product description:

Steering Wheel for Nintendo Wii Remote Racing Game



100% brand new




(D) 17.8 X (H) 4.3cm

(D) 7 X (H) 1.7'


Fashionable and considerate design for gamer

Extremely stylist design and plastic material light weight

Wii Remote Steering Wheel makes you enjoy the real excitement of playing racing games

Innovative design ensures quick release of the remote control from the attachment handle

This Wii White Steering Wheel ensures the attachment handles can withstand the stress from the realistic sport simulation

Plug the controller then play Wii games, such as play racing, slip board and other games.

Simulation controlling, giving you exciting feel

Perfect and novel design, enhance the joy of playing games

This is non-OEM product

Package included

1 X Steering Wheel for Nintendo Wii

WII controller steering wheel

WII remote controls on the steering wheel, based on host WII racing games design and development of a product, can enhance the game and its effect, after entering the racing game, buckle into the WII and the WII remote control on the steering wheel after the shell material, can be used. Did not affect the related functions of the WII remote control operation. Two wheel models that shipped with the product, available for choice.

Simulation control, make you feel excitement, improve game pleasure. Then insert the controller to play Wii games. Play racing games such as skid. The steering wheel can be used to excite truck, GT PRO series inspired bike, kart, motorcycle, bike Roaderm 64 need for speed: carbon-Nintendo Wii, Monster 3x3: world tour, cars and many other Wii racing games

Assembly instructions: the heads of the steering wheel remote control, WII remote controller on the keyboard-oriented, gently press the button enter.
1. load the WII remote, mounted in the right direction.
2. If you want to clean the WII remote controls on the steering wheel, wipe clean with a dry cloth, do not use chemical solvents to clean.
3. do not leave the product together with metal items.
4. do not use external equipment such as a microwave to dry it out.
5. do not place the steering wheel WII remote control in direct sunlight, high temperature or humidity.
6. do not use heavy pressure on the WII remote controls on the steering wheel to prevent damage to this product.
7. this product is broken, damaged, discontinue use.
8. this product does not include the remote control.

Package includes:

1 Wii remote control on the steering wheel