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XBOX360 TV CLIP bracket

XBOX360 TV CLIP bracket
  • XBOX360 TV CLIP bracket
Product code: 17577300001
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Other info: 13KG
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Mounting clip for XBOX 360 Kinect sensor
An optimized solution for mounting the Kinect sensor above your flat panel HDTV
Slide in and out for easy mounting and storage

How to use:
- Pull the back arm done and place it on top of your HDTV with the front hook gripping the front side of your HDTV
- Adjust the back arm of the TV clip so that the back arm is firmly up against and gripping the backside of your HDTV
- If you have a thicker TC, you can adjust the fitting by pressing the back set of tabs on the TV clip inward and pulling out of the extension arm
- Once the TV clip is adjusted and firm on your HDTV, remove the TV clip for your HDTV
- Press the front set of the clip inward and place your kinect sensor onto the TV clip to lock it
- Place the TV clip with the connected kinect sensor on top of your HDTV
- Do a final check of the TV clip back arm to make sure it is still firmly against the backside of your HDTV and securely in place
Third party product, not made by Microsoft
Material: plastic
Color: black
Dimension: 120 x 90 x 23 mm

Package Included:
1 x Mounting Clip for Kinect Sensor

XBOX360 KINECT somatosensory bracket:

This product allows kinect somatosensory hung on television rugged recommended TV thickness most appropriate in (2cm-9cm), and does not take up extra space indoors. Perfect fit somatosensory motion capture! Make it easier for you to enjoy KINECT to your belt to have fun !!!

Applies to:

You can use the computer monitor can be used in LCD LED Plasma TV can also be .CRT computer monitor does not support CRT TV does not support

Instruction manual:

Pull the arm back down, placed in the top of your LCD TV before clutching the front of your LCD TV hook it body sensors placed in the front of the top of a clip can be fixed to the body sensor does not need to loose.

Third-party products, while production by Microsoft

Material: Plastic

Colour: Black

Size: 120 * 90 * 23 mm

Package Includes:

XBOX360 KINECT somatosensory bracket