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USB doubles dual shock gamepad

USB doubles dual shock gamepad
  • USB doubles dual shock gamepad
Product code: 17577200001
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Other info: 47KG
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New USB Dual Shock PC Controller Game pad Twin Joypad


-Product Style: game pad, joy pad

-Main Color: black

-Brand: Mingpin

-Certificate: CE; FC

-USB Wire length: about 1.5m


-Recognized Appearance; fabulous hand feeling; cool and fashionable;

-USB Port, plug and play

-With Digital mode and Analog mode

-Two Internal motors provide maximum vibration feed back

-Support Feed back games, eight-direction keypad

-With dual shock function

-12 Fire Buttons and 2 analog sticks, with eyeshot switching function

-Supporting Multi-players game

-Compatible With USB 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0

-Support Keyboard program function

-Fully Compatible with 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / vista

-Support DirectX 9.0 or above

-Suitable For street fighters, adventure and flights games


-Microsoft Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista

-Available USB port

Package Included:

2 X USB Dual Shock Game Pad Controllers for PC (TWIN)

NG-2122 USB Doubles dual shock game controller

The main parameters

`Product Type: Gamepad

`Model: MB-2122

`Color: Black

`Range: PC

`Interface Type: USB

`Quantity: one pair

`System Requirements: Support WIN98; ME; 2000; XP operating system;

`Brand: Ming products

`CE; FC Certification

`USB cable length 1.5 m


`The latest USB doubles gamepad with dual vibration function

`Support force feedback game, eight-position button.

`Analog dual joystick design, bring you a new game dynamic duo enjoy the space.

`True 12 fire buttons; there are bursts of speed with the speed setting; switching function having a vision; it is you are in flight; racing; fighting; shooting; essential tool in the game;

`Compatible with PC or Mac; support WIN98; ME; 2000; XP operating system;

`Support USB1.01.12.0 version

`Supports keyboard programming

`Automatic calibration handle shaft midpoint

`Support DirectX9.0 or later