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Black MINI projector | suitable for IPHONE IPOD ITOUCH MINI Projector | Mini Projector

Black MINI projector | suitable for IPHONE IPOD ITOUCH MINI Projector | Mini Projector
  • Black MINI projector | suitable for IPHONE IPOD ITOUCH MINI Projector | Mini Projector
Product code: 17573700001
Unit price: 900 CNY  (130.85 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 17KG
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Pocket-sized mini projector for iPhone and iPod, it supports many formats of videos and audios and provides image of high quality. Ideal for business meetings, presentations and family cinema.
Pocket-sized mini projector for iPhone and iPod.
Supports external DVD / TV / game consoles and other equipment.
3 main functions: Directly project videos from Apple; Output the Apple's videos to TV by AV cable; Project multimedia (like DVD; VCD; etc) videos by AV cable.
It can be used as the AV cable, speaker and charger of iPhone / iPod.
Lens has focusing function, to adjust the clarity of the image by the focus adjutment.
Embeded rechargeable Li-polymer battery
Built-in media player for video and music.
Built-in loud speaker.
Palm-size design for easy carry.
Ideal for business meetings and presentations, outdoor camping and travel.
Note: This is not claimed to be an authorized or branded product by Apple Inc. The product and our company are not affiliated with Apple Inc. or endorsed by them in any way.
Color: Black
Operating Voltage: DC 5V
Maximun Current Work: ≤450mA
Interface: AV in; USB port; iPhone / iPod plug
Resolution Size: 320 * 240
Product Size: 5.5 * 4.8 * 1.5cm
Product Weight: 29g
Package Size: 17 * 12 * 4cm
Packed Weight: 170g
Item Includes:
1 * Pico Projector
1 * iPhone Holder
1 * Tripod
1 * USB Cable
1 * AV Cable
(IPhone iPod not Included)

Apple projected Chinese legend

product description:

This product is the Apple standard accessories, with Apple original decoder chip inside, can be very smooth output video image playback. Product maximum power dissipation is less 450MA (loudest state). Boot initial current is set at about 350MA, you can play two complete movies and also set aside more than 20 percent of the electricity use for Apple Lens has focusing function, by focusing to adjust image sharpness; can replace the standard Apple AV cable, replace the IPOD external sound, and can replace Apple Standard Charger (with ordinary charger can charge apples) suitable for children's learning, white collar, business elite. Tourist go camping.


A: The product can be powered successively selecting its performance according to Apple machine powered with an external USB.

1: first Apple device powered (until then plug in the USB charging Apple is also regarded as the first Apple device to power-up), then the inner power 10 seconds mutual authentication process is necessary with the Apple device; when the power LED is blinking 3, said authentication; Apple will be able to output the video; in this case it can be related or connected to a projection TV and other video playing action (at the same time Apple Certified products can play a song, but if you want to play a video file is no video output) - Standard The power supply.

2: first powered via USB and then insert the Apple way, when the product is equivalent to a sound + charging feature, primarily for the convenient use of the unit has an external display of view video with sound function IPOD user - saving mode play.

II: key ways:

1: The product key is a composite key design, each key has a light trigger and long key function (purple button function long - long by 1.5-second start, black short trigger function)

It is worth recalling: Only when playing music files do not turn on the projector function; this can save electricity more than 50% of the work; extended playing time; in particular a power indicator alerts (when the case of a power LED flashing indicates the projector part active)

3: Product range of applications:

Three design features three major characteristics, as follows:

1 major functions: power supply can be directly projected by Apple (see operating mode 'power supply has to select its performance description of the first Xiao Xiang') is mainly used for home entertainment and meals and entertainment, such as camping outside at night can direct their image. projected onto a white tent to watch a movie, you can use an ordinary Chargers Apple devices.

2 major functions: image files Video files can be output to Apple within the home theater to play, clearer viewing his shot and movies.

3 major functions: can the multimedia video by the product micro-cast out to make an image sound such as a family no extra TV or computer, children want to learn disc, you can use this product connected to a VCD or DVD and other multimedia products AV signals directly output projection, so it will not because the TV and other audiovisual equipment caused enough delay child learn but also to meet the needs of adult entertainment.

4 is a three characteristics: can replace Apple AV cable, replace apple ring, replace the Apple charger.

Four: Accessories:

1: Main Products (projector)

2: Apple clip.

3: Tripod.

4: standard USB cable 5: standard AV cable.