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DVB-T USB digital electronic tuner MINI DVB-T wireless mobile digital TV signal | Receiver | Wireless watching TV

DVB-T USB digital electronic tuner MINI DVB-T wireless mobile digital TV signal | Receiver | Wireless watching TV
  • DVB-T USB digital electronic tuner MINI DVB-T wireless mobile digital TV signal | Receiver | Wireless watching TV
Product code: 17573300001
Unit price: 72 CNY  (10.45 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 10KG
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Watch TV program on computer / laptop etc! To plug this device into your company USB port and install the CD driver, follow up the instruction, then easily you can watch crystal clear digital TV program on the computer monitor, as long as your place have digital TV signal.


System Requirements: Microsoft windows xp / 2000/7 / vista
Desktop or notebook: 800 MHz CPU or above; 128M RAM or above; VGA Card with at the least 8mb Memory
Sound card: Microsoft direct x9.0 or above
Digital terrestrial TV antenna
Special requirement for operate PIP
VGA card support vmr9
Usb2.0 port
P4 1.8g recommended
Input therminal: 75 ohm din
Receiving Frequency
48.25 ~ 863.25 MHZ tuning range
Fully DVB-T compliant
2k or 8k FFT size
Bandwidth: 6/7/8 MHz auto select
Engine: hardware
Stream capture: PES & TS
A / V format: video format: MPEG-II Main profile & main level;

Audio format: MPEG-II Audio layer I & II
Dimensions (W x D x H): 30.5 (W) x 72 (D) x 14.4 (H) mm
Weight 22 (body only)


Digital terrestrial video and radio programs recording
Real time digital video recording
Still image capture
PIP (picture in picture)
One touch channel EUTO-scan at 6/7/8 MHZ
On-fly decode software technique
Multi-language installation and application program
Helping to receive digital terrestrial TV program; and play it on Computer; Notebook / Laptop's monitor
Full bandwidth DVB-T reception (6/7/8 MHz)
Real time or Scheduled Recording
Time-Shifting: Pause a live TV program and play it again afterwards without missing a program segment
Digital TV recording and playback as DVD quality
Still image snapshots
Program Auto-Scan
Needs No Extra Power Supply
Multi Channel Preview Matrix
Support multi-national languages
Support multi-picture display
Support EPG (Electronic Program Guide) & Tele text
Support Microsoft BDA drivers
Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista32 / Vista64
USB 2.0 high speed interface


It can not work in Brazil and USA, as it is terrestrial antenna input, please check out whether you are within the DVB-T indoor aerial reception arrange before purchasing.
This item only support MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 format, please make sure the DVB-T signal of your country support MPEG-2 / MPEG-4

Package Include:

1 x USB DVB-T TV Tuner Recorder
1 x Antenna
1 x Remote Control
1 x Installation CD

USB DVB-T is a strong function of mobile digital TV receiver box, can be used for desktop and notebook computers. It is small, fast sweep sets of system requirements low, easy to install, simple to use, set the play, grasping ts stream , recording mpeg2 / 4 functions in one, with USB2.0 interface allows to receive fast, play more smoothly.
1. You can receive digital terrestrial television broadcasting (DVB-T)
2. The new high-performance USB2.0 IC support NS-High Speed ​​does not require an external power supply support
3. Full-band digital TV receiver (6/7 / 8MHz)
4. random recording, timer recording their favorite TV programs
5. Support time-shifting, will not miss any wonderful programs
6. You can make an appointment record
7. Supports digital TV recording, high-definition DVD quality playback
8. Support multi-screen display
9. Support EPG (Electronic Program Guide) and Teletext (Teletext)

Software features: 1. DVB-T mobile digital TV receiver, 2. recording and pre-recording, playback recorded files 3., 4. Time-shift (time shifting), 5 static image capture.
6. preview, 7. Electronic Program Guide (EPG), 8. Electronic graphics, drag 9. playback, fast forward and rewind, 10. The multi-language switching, 11 brightness, color, contrast adjustment (software versions There may be differences) 12. Channel Callback
13. The favorite program list support, 14. TV mode and full-screen playback
15. The infrared remote control support 10. Support Microsoft BDA driver standard
11. Supports remote control operation

System Requirements:
1, the operating system requirements: Support Windows2000 SP4 / windows XP SP2, install directX 8.1 or later;
2, the computer configuration requirements: 500MHZ frequency CPU, 8M or more memory, 128M or more cache, 300M free hard disk space, USB2.0 interfaces;
3, other necessary configuration: The signal quality can be good without receiving antenna; if you need a good summary of the receiving antenna.

Dimensions (W x D x H): 30.5 (W) * 72 (D) x 14.4 (H) mm
Weight 22g (body only)

Package Included:

A USB DVB-T TV Tuner Recorder
1 x antenna
A remote control
1 X installation disc