7 in 1 FM Transmitter For iPod iPhone Car Kit Adapter

7 in 1 FM Transmitter For iPod iPhone Car Kit Adapter

Product description:

7 in 1 FM Transmitter For iPod iPhone Car Kit Adapter


1. Full frequency transmitter: 87.5-108 MHz, LCD display + backlight display; High-fidelity, stereo sound

2. Ipod converter can charge ipod; iphone; iphone 3G directly

3. 3.5 mm audio input Suitable for ipod / iphone / iphone 3G / MP3 / MP4 / CD / VCD / DVD cell phones and any other players and APPLE series products

4. With cell phone; ipod adjustable stand / holder; can fix all types of ipod player

6. LCD Display

7. USB charging function (can charge MP3; MP4; CD; DVD; digital cameras; cell phone and other digital products)

9. Wireless Remote function:

iPod Player: Previous / Next Song; Audio Volume; Play / Pause; Power on / off FM Transmitter: Power on / off, Frequency adjust.

10. Color: black


Product Size: 121 * 69 * 60mm

FM Transmitter frequency: 87.50MHz-108MHz

Audio frequency: 20Hz-20 KHz

Separation: = 60dB

Work Current: 38mA ± 10mA

Work Voltage: 9V ~ 15Var power

S / N: = 60dB

Audio distortion: (2% (mod = 75KHZ.F = 1KHZ)

THD: ≤-35db

Manual instruction:

1. Inset car kit into cigar hole. Connect ipod player, press wireless Remote to turn on power to select the frequency of Transmitter to meet the frequency of FM Radio.

2. Turn on your audio player, the music is singing in car.

3. Press wireless control to select your favorites.

Package includes:

1x 7in 1 FM Transmitter Car Kit

1x Wireless Remote

1x 3.5mm Audio Cable

Product Name: iPod iPhone 7 close 1 FM Transmitter

Status: New

Product size: 121 * 69 * 60mm

FM transmission frequency: 87.50MHz-108MHz

Audio Frequency: 20Hz-20 KHz

Interval: = 60dB

Working Current: 38mA ± 10mA

Operating voltage: 9V ~ 15Var

SNR: 60dB

Audio distortion: (2% (mod = 75KHZ.F = 1KHZ)

THD: ≤-35db

Package includes:

1 * 7-in-1 FM Transmitter

1 * wireless remote control

1 * 3.5 mm audio cable