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Multifunctional glasses | Videos + photos + audio + Web camera | Card | TF card

Multifunctional glasses | Videos + photos + audio + Web camera | Card | TF card
  • Multifunctional glasses | Videos + photos + audio + Web camera | Card | TF card
Product code: 17564400001
Unit price: 93 CNY  (13.51 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 21KG
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Video Sunglasses Mini HD DV DVR Camera Black

Perfect integration of sunglasses, camera.
Compact and fashionable appearance; unique design and personality showing make it necessity for urban success and trendy celebrities; and make communication convenient in free control
It can match most of sunglasses and short-sighted glasses
All in one: Camera + Video + Sunglasses

Polarized Lens and PC Lens
User friendly operation button for easy control
Easy connection with PC/ Laptops; plug and play; no driver needed
Sleek and elegant design suits for both men and women users
Support Micro SD (TF) card up to 32GB

Product Specifications:
Power supply: Embedded high capacity Li-polymer Battery
Charge voltage: DC 5V
No Built-in Memory
Video Format: AVI
Video Resolution: 1280x960P VGA
Picture format: JPG
Picture pixels: 1600*1200 (2M pixel)
Recording Speed: 30fps + 1fps
Ratio of image: 4: 3
Menu Language: English
Operating System: Windows / ME/ XP/ 2000/ Vista/ Mac OS 10.4 (depends on computer model) , Linux

Package included:
1 X Sunglasses camera
1 X USB 2.0 cable
1 X Charger (US plug)
1 X User's manual
1 X Cleaning cloth
1 X Sunglasses case

PS: the actual distribution USA; If you need other places; Optional adapter

A, UK standard: ZJ-0006

B, European standard: ZJ-0005

C and o gauge: ZJ-0007

Item specifics

Max supported memory card (TF card): 32G
Color: black
Video pixel: 1280*960
Picture pixels: 1600*1200

Multifunctional glasses video + photos + audio + Web camera card TF card

A product introduction

This product is the first digital camera; Taking pictures; Recording function of video glasses; TF card support capacity (maximum 32GB), is simple, elegant, beautiful and practical, easy to carry features, business, education, security, media, justice, tourism, health care, life in areas such as utility, by the majority of users.

Second, the related parameters:

A, video format: AVI

B the video encoding: M-JPEG

C, video resolution: 1280*960 VGA

D and the video frame rate: 30fps + 1fps

E, which comes with the operating system or the major audio and video playback software

F, picture format: JPG

G, picture pixels: 1600*1200

H, image: 4:3

I support system: Windows me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7; Mac os 10.4; Linux;

J, charging voltage: DC-5V

K, interface types: 2.5UBS

L storage support: MicroSD (TF)

M battery type: high capacity polymer lithium battery

Three considerations

A, use: Please strictly abide by State laws; This product must not be used for any illegal purpose; Or face the consequences;

B battery: over time, battery life will be shortened. Is not used for a long time, please fully charge before use;

C file security: this product is non-professional storage devices; Internal storage file integrity and security is not guaranteed; Immediately on a computer or other storage device to back up your important files;

D video quality: the non-professional video products, does not guarantee the effect of video files will meet your expectations;

E working temperature: 0-40 degree;

F operating humidity: 20%-80%; Do not place the product in humid working environments; No waterproofing function;

G, shooting illumination: Please use in a well-lit environment; Do not plug the camera directly at the Sun and other strong light sources; So as not to damage of optical devices;

H, cleaning requirements: do not use in environment of excessive density of dust; Avoid contaminated dust and other parts of the camera; Effects video effects; Lens with lens tissue or cloth to gently wipe the glasses; Keep clean;

I, and other matters: the products are precision electronic products, do not put it under a strong impact, vibration; Not in a strong magnetic field, high electrical field.