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NANO 6 silicone band

NANO 6 silicone band
  • NANO 6 silicone band
Product code: 17562600001
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Other info: 1KG
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Strap Design Silicone Case for iPod Nano 6G
Product Features:
Soft protective case for Apple iPod Nano
Designed for Apple iPod Nano 6G (6th generation, 6th Gen) exclusively
Combines case and neck strap in one item
Provides ultra protection for your Nano 6G against dusts, fingerprints and scratches
Guards your Nano in a stylish way
Tailor-made design for easy access to screen and other essential ports
Made of soft silicone materials
Smooth and treated soft surface for comfortable sensational touch
Flexible and tough, can be freely twisted and squeezed but will never be out of shape
Easy to insert and remove
Compact & slim design
Washable and reusable
Color: blue
Size: 4.2 x 3.9 x 0.8cm
Length of strap: 40cm
Third party product, not made by Apple
Accessories only, Nano NOT included
For Authentic Apple iPod Nano 6th Gen only, NOT for Clone ones
Product Specifications:
Package Contents:
1 x Strap Design Silicone Case for iPod Nano 6G


Apple iPod Nano TopSafe
Designed for the Apple iPod Nano6G (sixth generation, sixth generation) and design
It comes with a neck strap for easy carrying
All-round protection for your phone.
Tailored design, so you can easily use the screen and other important interfaces
Made of soft silicone material
Comfortable soft touch and smooth surface
Good flexibility; freely twisted and squeezed; but will not deform
Easy to put on and remove
Tough slim design
Washable again
color: blue
Size: 4.2 * 3.9 * 0.8 cm
Neck strap length: 40CM
Third-party products, rather than manufactured by Apple
Only Accessories

Product Specifications:

Package Contents:
An iPod Nano 6G Silicone Case