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Mini sports small speakers | Red | portable | Bicycle | small speakers | Sports | small sound | Metal | Mini | Full card MP3

Mini sports small speakers | Red | portable | Bicycle | small speakers | Sports | small sound | Metal | Mini | Full card MP3
  • Mini sports small speakers | Red | portable | Bicycle | small speakers | Sports | small sound | Metal | Mini | Full card MP3
Product code: 17562400001
Unit price: 96 CNY  (13.96 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 25KG
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Red Mini Sports Speaker MP3 Player Bass Sound for Bike
-100% Brand new and in high quality
-Mini Sound box is personal stereo with clear, nature sound. It could be hold by a small palm and have music play, line in FM function. It is suitable for both outdoor, indoor use.
-Built-In Hi-Fi high quality and high efficiency speaker monomer, you can still hear heavenly music even outdoors.
-Built-In high capacity rechargeable battery (1450mAH), support long play
-You Can continue to enjoy the music when using headphones to listen to music or listen to the radio; it will automatically turn off the loudspeaker, not accessible to anyone else.
-Sound Speaker; headset; USB connector; FM radio antenna; line in and charging are use the same jack which makes the product more beautiful and simple
-Support MP3 / WMA format, building in large capacity memory to store number of music files.
-Support Line in function, receiving notebook or other audio source to amplify the power.
-Color: Red
FM: 87-108 MHz
Interface transfer: USB 2.0 full speed
Audio format: MP3 / WMA
3.5mm earphone jack
Support TF memory card (NOT included)
Loudspeaker output: THD + N = 0.15% @ 1.5W, SNR = 94db @ 1.5W
Earphone output: THD + N = 0.6% @ 32ohm, SNR = 92db @ 32ohm
Playing time: 10-22 hours with loudspeaker (depend on the volume) up to70 hours with earphone
Charging time: USB charging: 7 hours (USB 5V 1A)
Working temp: -18- 80C
Dimension: 88 x 35 x 35 mm
For detailed operations, please refer to the English manual operation guide (included in the package).
1 x Sports MP3 Player Mini Bass Sound Speaker for Bike
1 x Audio cable
1 x USB cable
1 x pouch bag
1 x earphone
1 x stand / fixture for bicycle + 2 fixing belts
1 x Chinese-English manual

Baby details:
1, music playback Tuner
2; LineIn function; external laptop; mp3 mp4; iphone loud speaker;
3; built-in 1450mAH high capacity rechargeable battery; to support the long play of the machine;
4, using the latest technology class D digital amplifier;
5, built-in high capacity compatible device;
6; full-featured All in One interface design; all have a single external interface;
7, full-function LED indicator;
8, USB high-speed transmission;
9, the speaker output: THD + N = 0.15% @ 1.5W SNR = 94db @ 1.5W;
10, headphone output: THD + N = 0.6% @ 32Ω SNR = 92 db @ 32Ω;
11, playing time: use the speaker about 10 to 22 hours (depending on volume size) using the headset for about 70 hours;
12, charging time: USB charge: 7 hours USB (5V / 1A) AC transformer charge: 4 hours (optional);
13, storage capacity (none): maximum support 32G expansion;
14, interface transfer: USB 2.0 Full speed;
15, the file system: FAT16 / FAT32;
16, music formats: MP3
17. Operating temperature: -18 ℃ ~ 80 ℃;
18. Dimensions: 88 x 35 x 35 mm;
Baby features:
1. First, the small size of some small speakers, portable, shape, personalized color collocation cool, fresh and natural. The important point is the quality of the housing.
2. Set amplifier, battery, dual speakers in one, to solve the traditional stereo or MP3 too single problem.
3. No long audio cable, no external power supply.
4. Design concise and easy to use.
5. Cycling small speakers simply mounted on a bicycle, no power supply, can play wonderful music.

Only the size of a small cell phone head; very small; user-friendly travel; exercise; outing; enjoy music anytime, anywhere; enjoy the fun of music;
Single horn continent patent products; 2x single speaker volume; button more humane; powerful built-in TF card function; sound more refreshing;
Look more refined, more sophisticated work. Double bass surround speakers, give you unlimited music aesthetic effect.