Great earplugs | 500 times | big headphones | expanded version | mini | Creative | Speaker | Audio

Great earplugs | 500 times | big headphones | expanded version | mini | Creative | Speaker | Audio

Product description:

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500XL Giant Computer USB or MP3 Desktop Earbud Speaker
Product Features:
100% brand new portable stereo speaker
Magnified 500 times iPod Earphones Shaped design, more fashionable
Can play stereo music via USB cable, no need other power
Widely used for PC / Laptop / MP3 / PM4 Player
Support to connect the speaker with any of your devices with 3.5mm port
Brings you more music access and enhances pure & distinct audio experiences
Antimagnetic system, brings no interference to your PC or laptop
Volume control and ON / OFF switch supported, easy to use and remote
Made of high quality plastic, with light weight
Power supply by USB port directly or 4 x AAA battery (not included)
Cord plug: stereo 3.5mm
Rate impedance: 4 ohm (+ / -0.5)
Rate power: 2 x 2W
Out power: less than 2.2W
Supply voltage: 6V (4.5-12V)
Size: 240 x 220 x 110mm (L x W x H)
Color: White
Package Included:
1 x Magnified iPod Earphones Shaped Speaker Set

ipod headphones shape speakers, 500X headphones!

Product Dimensions: 22X 24 X 11cm

Products Power: Battery, USB-powered dual

USB interface No external power supply, independent volume control operation more convenient
Built-in stereo power amplifier, easy to carry
For notebook and desktop computers; MP3; MP4 etc.
product manual:
1, built-in stereo amplifier.
2, with volume control
3, put the maximum volume will not be changed or broken sound phenomenon tone
4 Magnetically shielded speakers will not interfere with computer!

Many people have used ipod; ipod headphones, but would be so big you seen it in fact it is the shape of a pair of headphones ipod speaker oh cool bar he used USB interface Power no external power supply;?!! You can also use a battery-powered ; and independent volume control box ipod modeling; operation more convenient; for notebook and desktop computers; MP3; MP4 etc.