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Apple apple iphone 4 / 4S iPad2 ipad 3 Reader | Multi | Multi USB Interface USB3.0 3 个 Hub COMBO

Apple apple iphone 4 / 4S iPad2 ipad 3 Reader | Multi | Multi USB Interface USB3.0 3 个 Hub COMBO
  • Apple apple iphone 4 / 4S iPad2 ipad 3 Reader | Multi | Multi USB Interface USB3.0 3 个 Hub COMBO
Product code: 17548400001
Unit price: 36.72 CNY  (5.33 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 13KG
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Free Shipping USB Card Reader + USB Hub COMBO For Apple iPad Series Camera Connection Kit
Product Description
Camera Connection Kit USB SDHC Card Reader + USB Hub COMBO For Apple iPad Series Free Shipping
With the iPad camera connection kit. You can easy download the photos from digital camera to your iPad and share them with your family and friends.
The kit has two connectors, each with a different interface. The camera connector features a USB port and its supports external keyboard.
Using the SD (HC), MS DUO, M2, T-Flash card readers imports photos from your camera's memory cards. Connecting it to your iPad then insert your digital camera's memory cards into the slot and USB 2.0 3-port Hub. Your iPad automatically open the photos after you making a connection. iPad and the camera connection kit supports JPEG, RAW and so on.
When the current of device over iPad output power. Please use iPad USB adapter
3 * High-Speed ​​USB Hub + Camera Connection Kit + SD / MMC / MS Card Reader Combo Kit for iPad / iPad 2
Supports SD (HC), SD (XC), Mini SD, MMC, MMC 4.0, MS, MS Pro, MS Duo, MS Pro Duo, MS Duo MagicGate, M2, Micro SD / T-Flash card
3 High-Speed ​​ports of USB hub for all USB devices connecting to iPad
Can connect any large current USB devices; such as camera; keyboard; mobile harddisk etc
All USB devices connected with iPad working at the same time
Your iPad automatically opens the photos after you making a connection, which lets you choose the pictures you wanted to import.
When sync iPad to your PC or Macbook, the photos are added to your PC photo library
JPEG, RAW and more formats are supported
Compatible with Apple iPad / iPad 2
Weight Approx: 75.9g
Size Approx: 24 x 5 x 2.6 cm
What's in the package:
1xCombo kit
1xUSB charging cable
1xInstruction book
1, supports SD (HC) / TF / MS / M2 card within import photos iPad
2, USB port can be connected to the camera / keyboard / U disk, etc.
3, support for high-current USB device / high current memory card
4, support for Apple original keyboard
5, support for multiple USB devices simultaneously using the iPad
Reader / camera Instructions
Tip IPAD does not support this accessory: the plug is not inserted in place is usually caused after the plug will be prompted, do not control, point close it does not affect use.!
DCIM folder: cameras card generally DCIM folder; folder within the photo will automatically pop up; prompted to import can not create their own folder in the root directory; photograph to be read on the folder can be! As already directly read the jailbreak;! can be found inside the card catalog in ifile; if not escape; you must have a DCIM folder!
U disk / HDD Description
Will u disk through a card reader connected to ipad; ipad will prompt does not support this accessory; do not bother; point dismiss can (some versions are closed, OK or good)!
Did not escape the need for DCIM folder; jailbreak directly open ifile; it can be found on the left side there is a flash drive; can directly open or jump directory to / mnt (some systems in the VAR directory), you can find more than a mount1 directory; the directory is u disk; click on the directory; you can see all the files U disk; U disk to copy files to any directory of ipad
U-word document there file.doc ruffle copy to ipad, with pages here: The first step:! U disk connected, then ifile to under / mnt / mount1 directory to copy files file.doc Step Two: catalog Go to the / var / mobile / Applications directory, usually ipad software are installed to the directory, which is ipad converted inside, are some string, click on any directory go through *******. app subdirectory of the directory can know which software, my ipad corresponding directory of pages software is 4763052A third step:... will copy the files to a subdirectory below the directory Documents, so, start pages, in I can see the files inside the file. doc files, and other software are similar, just copy the files to the corresponding directory below the documents directory on ok!
If the connection U disk; it can not properly read; according to the following two steps to solve:! 4.1, if a reminder '. Parts unavailable too much power' is not read, an external HUB powered solve if it is purchased HUB Reader connect the power cable! 4.2, if nothing happens plug (exclude poor contact), and can not see data in iFile (but should see a 'Flash Drive' of equipment, of course, also possible to see less), is estimated to be U disk format is wrong, consider the following ways: '... formatted, format must choose' U disk connected to the computer, right-click the U disk, select Fat32 'must remember to click' Restore device Default 'button, the formatting is completed, copy the data and re-test.
Instructions for use other external devices
External IPHONE / IPOD; the same needs and IPAD version; also need to jailbreak in ifile in reading!
External mobile hard disk; Support 100G less need for external power supply; FAT32 format; partition can not be greater than 32G; supports the part of the mobile hard disk; large capacity slower reaction; Please be patient!
When you add other devices; no response is excessive consumption; you can not use!